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Meet your ANDRITZ Recycling expert at Ecomondo

5-8 November 2019 - Rimini, Italy

A major goal in any industry is to produce more and waste less. More product, with fewer waste streams, translates into higher margins. Our machinery, processes, and technologies recover so-called “waste” and convert it into valuable materials or energy sources. By separating and treating many different waste flows, we make raw materials usable again, either as a source of additional revenue or by reusing the materials within the production cycle.

ANDRITZ @ Ecomondo 2019, hall A1, booth no. 188

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About Ecomondo

Ecomondo is an international exhibition with an innovative format that brings together all sectors of the circular economy in a single platform: from material and energy recovery to sustainable development.

Curious about our latest innovations for the Recycling Industry?



RDF processing with ANDRITZ shredding technology

MSW and C&I waste contain many different materials that need to be separated mechanically into a high- and a low-calorific fraction. This process involves shredding, screening and classifying of the material. Metals, inerts and organics are removed; light fractions with high-calorific value (e.g. plastics, textile and paper) remain. The RDF fraction could be used in the cement industry, steel furnaces or power stations, substituting coal and oil.

ANDRITZ Recycling Service technician working on a shredder


While technology is in our DNA, service is the heart of our business

You can rely on our knowledge and expertise to help you truly optimize your operation. From routine work to quick response during a disruption, and ANDRITZ Recycling service specialists will offer training or recommendations, provide replacement parts, and perform the services you need to keep operations running smoothly.

SUCCESS STORY - AB Hilmer Andersson

Shredding wood waste into profit

In modern mill and wood processing plants, adding value all along the production chain has become a “must have”.


ANDRITZ Universal Shredders provide a vital link in the chain by solving waste wood problems at the same time as turning them into valuable, sellable products.



A multi-talent at work: see the Universal Shredder FRP in action

Take the opportunity and get to know our Universal Shredder FRX via Augmented Reality!

The Allrounder

  • High-throughput and continuous shredding for extreme applications
  • Advanced pendulum pusher with adjustable speed and pressure
  • Innovative cutting system
  • Perfect accessibility for easy maintenance
  • Highest machine protection with V-belt and safety clutch

ANDRITZ Universal Shredder FRX

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banner ANDRITZ Recycling @ Ecomondo 2019, hall A1, booth 188
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