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Recyclingmaschinen und kundenspezifische Komplettlösungen

ANDRITZ MeWa entwickelt und baut Zerkleinerungsmaschinen und Komplettlösungen für das Recycling von Elektro- und Elektronikschrott, Kühlgeräte, Ölfilter, Haushalts- und Gewerbeabfälle, Altreifen und organische Abfälle.

Sowohl unsere innovativen Standardlösungen als auch die individuell auf den Kunden zugeschnittenen Lösungen überzeugen durch ein hohes Maß an Wirtschaftlichkeit, Effizienz und Zuverlässigkeit. Der Schlüssel zum Erfolg jeder Anlage liegt in den Maschinen für die Vor- und Nachzerkleinerung sowie in unserem 30-jährigen Prozess-Know-How.



Selling MeWa and Franssons technologies under the ANDRITZ flag has many advantages for customers: ANDRITZ has service and sales locations worldwide as well as state-of-the-art manufacturing centers. As a result, the company is even closer to the customer and can process inquires more quickly. Extensive investments in the research and development sectors have given our recycling machines a new sheen and multi-faceted technical enhancements. The recycling machines fit perfectly into the ANDRITZ product portfolio and can also be combined to optimum effect with other ANDRITZ technologies, such as presses, drum dryers, or ballistic separators, for more complex plant concepts. In combination with the healthy financial foundation of the ANDRITZ GROUP, ANDRITZ Recycling offers customers and partners the security to invest in their recycling project. 


The company was launched in the mid-eighties with a handful of employees merely as a sales office for shredders - mainly for wood as well as the household and industrial waste sectors at that time. Very soon, however, it became clear that the company had much more to offer and progressed in the nineties from being a unit machine supplier to an expert in complete solutions for very different materials. Particularly in the field of electrical and electronic scrap and refrigerator recycling, MeWa’s plant solutions with a completely new kind of processing technology in the Universal Cross-Flow Shredder QZ attracted a great deal of attention and won international environmental awards. Within no time at all, the machines became the preferred technology throughout Europe for recycling e-scrap, refrigerators, and metal and plastic composite materials. MeWa joined the ANDRITZ Group in 2013.


The Franssons success story began over 70 years ago. In the early days, the company based in Sundsvall, Sweden, started to build fans for the wood and paper industries. In order to transport the material better, Franssons finally developed the first shredder. Over the years, other types of machines were added to the product portfolio, which today still also concentrates on processing household/industrial waste and plastic waste in addition to wood. Franssons adopted a more international structure when it opened a branch office in Southern Europe and established a number of international partnerships. Franssons joined the ANDRITZ Group in 2017.

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