Cutting unit and knives of the ADuro P shredder

Well-proven shredding technology by ANDRITZ Franssons

Merged capabilities to achieve maximum performance

In 2017, ANDRITZ expanded its recycling sector significantly by acquiring technology and intellectual property assets from the Swedish company Franssons Recycling Machines AB. In the machinery sector, Franssons is synonymous with heavy-duty shredding.

Technological highlights are the well-known and proven ADuro P and ADuro U shredders (previously known under the name FRP and FRX shredders) , which treat wood, plastics, biomass, paper, cardboard, and even municipal solid waste with ease. The highly reliable machines come equipped with innovative cutting and feeding systems allowing for continuous cutting and high throughput.


“I am glad to see Franssons products undergoing continuous further development and being offered worldwide.”

Lars Fransson

Sales & Technology Manager Recycling


Michael Waupotitisch

“Our goal is to optimize the technologically excellent products from Franssons even further and sell them globally through our locations around the world. So far, Franssons shredders have been operating mainly at customers’ plants in Northern Europe, Spain and China.”

Michael Waupotitsch

Vice President Reject & Recycling

From a family business to a valuable partner for a global technology group

Arne Fransson founded the first workshop in Sundsvall, northern Sweden, for the production of fans for the timber and paper industry. At the time, Sundsvall was also known as “Wood City” because of the abundant forests and the importance of the timber industry. Based on the need to facilitate the transport of huge logs, Franssons manufactured the first shredder in 1949. Since then, the company has supplied numerous shredders in addition to other machines.

In 1979, Arne’s son Lars Fransson joined the company, increasing exports and extending international relations. During this period, the machines underwent substantial technological development and more machine types were added to the product portfolio, which also contained equipment capable of processing household, industrial, plastic and textile waste.

Today, Franssons machines are manufactured at the ANDRITZ locations in Graz, Humenné, and Foshan. Several employees continue to be based in Sundsvall, working on sales, engineering, and service.

ADuro P shredder

Pre-shredding of large quantities of domestic, commercial and industrial waste into manageable sizes

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ADuro U shredder

A robust multi-talent in processing difficult materials down to small particle sizes in a single step

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Hilmer Andersson: Shredding waste into profit

In modern mill and wood processing plants, adding value all along the production chain has become a “must have”. ANDRITZ Universal Shredders provide a vital link in the chain by solving waste wood problems at the same time as turning them into valuable, sellable products.

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