The right solutions to create consumer-valued ingredients for healthier nutrition

Are you looking for ways to maximize your ingredients’ impact and respond effectively to consumers’ requirements? Then contact us today, as ANDRITZ has the right solutions to create consumer-valued ingredients for healthier nutrition.

Whatever your ingredient needs

We most likely have all three things you need to create it: the technology, the process knowledge, and the service and automation solutions. Whether it’s starch from all possible sources, vegetable or animal proteins, infant cereals, food additives or the valorization of byproducts, ANDRITZ solutions help you to manufacture the ingredients for the food of the future: nutritional, real, recognizable, and functional ingredients with the perfect taste. 

On top of that, your customers can rely on the sustainability of your process as ANDRITZ offers solutions for the treatment of by-products and waste too, ensuring maximum re-use and efficient production processes. Process and product development are the basis of our philosophy. With our professionally equipped pilot plants, we are able to develop the ideal process for your ingredients.

What we offer

Our broad portfolio consists of both mechanical and thermal separation solutions ranging from separators, peeler and pusher centrifuges, filter presses, to vacuum drum filters, pressure drum filters and on to paddle, belt, drum, and fluid bed dryers – all supported by the proven ANDRITZ service. And by combining them with Metris addIQ control systems, you also benefit from the opportunities that come with digitization and IIoT technologies: risk minimization, efficiency increase, and profit maximization – all from a single source.

Raw yucca starch

The ANDRITZ solutions for drying, centrifugation, cooling, dewatering and filtration, ensure that your end product is exactly what your clients are looking for.


The peeler centrifuge and contact drum dryer for instance, produce the perfect starches. The same contact drum dryer supports you in producing gelatin, collagen and proteins (both vegetable and animal). The paddle dryer handles your waste stream. ANDRITZ decanters and separators turn olives into gold by bringing optimum yield and supreme quality and the ANDRITZ fluid bed dryer dries gently at low temperature levels, which makes it suitable for milk powder and sweeteners.


Whether your ingredient needs high temperature drying or vacuum circumstances, long retention times or else, ANDRITZ has the right equipment for your manufacturing process. And whether your customers demand powder, flakes, product consistency, good organoleptic properties, hygiene, or more, ANDRITZ can support you in answering up to all that.

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