Pulp and paper sludge treatment

Enhance sustainability and save energy in pulp & paper mills with waste-to-energy solutions

Pulp and paper mills produce various side streams of effluents, the treatment of which is not always only a bare necessary. In fact, with the right treatment, pulp and paper sludge can be turned into high calorific value pellets and reduce the mills footprint. Find out more about how to convert your mills waste into valuable materials.

Depending on the type of pulp and the specific pulping process used, the composition of sludge can vary significantly in terms of cellulose content, organic material, and fiber content. This diversity in effluents means, that there is no one-fits-all solution and to ensure the best performance, as every type of sludge may need a different technology. Thanks to the unique and broad portfolio for sludge thickening, dewatering and drying, ANDRITZ is able to provide the right treatment with the potential to increase the sludges calorific value to make it suitable as an alternative fuel source.

The right technology to reach your goals

Minimize the total amount of waste? Reduce operating costs? Guarantee high separation efficiency? Cut down on energy and polymer consumption? Maximize the calorific value for further reuse?

Whatever your goals are, you can count on us to support you in reaching them by analyzing your sludges characteristics and selecting the right technology. Proven by our track record with Leipa or transforming sludge into fuel pellet at Metsä Fibres Kemi mill being just two of the recent examples.  

Screening and thickening

Besides proven screening technologies for municipal and industrial sludges, a standout being the Aqua-Screen screen range, we offer a wide range of thickening technologies. Be it drum thickening, gravity belt thickening, the Gravity Table GT (used as a first dewatering stage for sludge prior to subsequent pressing operations),  or the Thickening Drum TD (a rotary drum thickener). The Sludge Screw Press SCS and the Continuous Pressure Filters round off this portfolio.  


Sludge management and pelleting

Our portfolio for sludge treatment includes dewatering and drying solutions for almost all types of pulp and/or paper sludge. From thickening equipment like drum thickeners to belt filter presses for dewatering to decanter centrifuges – which are applicable for both process steps – to multiple dryers for increasing the calorific value (the paddle dryer being the most proven one). Pelletizing the dried sludge is also no problem with the paladin pellet mill system – as is the reduction of polymer usage throughout the process thanks to Metris addIQ RheoScan automated optimized polymer dosage. 

Zero waste stream solution: Turning sludge into fuel

With the ANDRITZ waste stream processing solution the primary, secondary (bio) and tertiary (COD) sludge are dewatered and dried, thus increasing the calorific value.


Key benefits of the ANDRITZ solution:

  • Reduced energy consumption in the drying step
  • Reuse of process water reduces total water consumption
  • Creation of renewable fuel out of sludge

Learn more about ANDRITZ sludge drying solutions for pulp mills

  • Sludge drying in a pulp mill PDF : 421 KB
  • RheoScan

    Real-time, automatic adjustment of polymer dosage to reduce your costs by up to 40%

    PDF : 784 KB
  • Sludge dewatering at the highest level

    Increased automation and improved reliability thanks to Metris addIQ RheoScan

    PDF : 650 KB

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