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Animal protein

An innovative production process for high-value proteins

In the western world 50% of butchered animal meat is not used for human consumption. Traditionally that by-product has been turned into bone and meat meal for animal fodder or biomass materials for generating (electrical) energy. While this is still the case, today there is increasing interest in extracting proteins and other valuable materials from meat by-product in order to convert it into a higher value product.

Equipment for any application

With its long history and reputation in the food industry, ANDRITZ offers a full range of processing machinery for the processing of animal proteins, including contact drum dryers and paddle dryers, along with vacuum applications that enable drying at temperatures under 50 degrees Celsius so there’s less degradation of the product. We also offer decanters and separators for food, pet food and feed ingredients. Our decanter concentrates products until they are up to 30% dry, and from there they undergo mechanical dewatering, thermal dewatering and de-fatting.

The quest for quality proteins

Our ability to create a higher value product is possible thanks to improved production processes, and at ANDRITZ we have mastered an end-to-end process that results in a collagen with the highest water-binding capacity (bloom factor) on the market. This also leads to a protein with the best digestibility (maximum conversion of food to meat, muscle to muscle) on the market.

Specifically, we’ve upgraded traditional bone and meal processing by only briefly exposing the proteins to high temperature, thereby reducing the risk of damage. This also enables the product to be pasteurized while being dried. The result is improved protein quality with a higher bloom factor of the collagen. This means better digestibility of the proteins, so that more food can be converted into meat. Curious producers are invited to spend time in our pilot plant, to find out more about the possibilities.

Key process steps

  • Drying
  • Mechanical dewatering
  • Defatting

Key benefits

  • Highest quality product on the market
  • Easy production
  • One process flow for an end-to-end solution

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