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Solutions for insect processing

Longtime experience in the food and feed industry combined with an unmatched spirit for innovation: The 'must-haves' to meet future food security demands in a sustainable manner.

The steady population increase – trends towards 2050 predict an increase to 9 billion people – comes with many challenges. One of it is the sustainable provision of food and feed. But considering the limited and partly already exhausted natural resources make one thing clear: Traditional livestock and food production cannot sustainably meet future needs and alternative solutions have to be developed – urgently!

Entomophagy, the next Mega Trend?

One such alternative is to process insects to be used in feed. With its high protein, fat and mineral content they seem to be the ideal raw material. What’s more, they grow quickly, require minimal space and can also be reared on organic waste – all in all a good solution for animals and the environment!

Take a leading role ...

With a partner like ANDRITZ, you are well prepared to take a leading role in this future-oriented development. In this rapidly changing market, constantly finding new ways to increase production and quality while also decreasing costs is key to staying competitive and gaining an early advantage over competitors. ANDRITZ offers for example mobile pilot plants and pilot plant testing to determine the feasibility of new applications. Our calculation models have proven successful when scaling up to industrial size, and our experienced staff help find the best solution for each specific process need. The pilot plant can also confirm the feasibility of a desired process. Thus you can avoid unpleasant surprises in real-life production processes and it is also an important step towards meeting the demands of strict laws on food.

... by opting for solutions that can help this Mega Trend evolve

Whatever your insect processing project demands, we most likely have everything you need: the technology, the process knowledge, the people as well as the service and automation solutions to get the most out of your investment over the entire life-cycle. Our comprehensive portfolio covers everything from conditioners, pellet presses, crumblers, crushers, screw presses, decanter centrifuges, peeler centrifuges, pumps on to mixers, paddle dryers, fluid bed dryers and disc mills

On top of that, our solutions are designed to ensure highest production efficiency while conserving resources. In addition, we also offer solutions for the treatment of by-products and waste, ensuring maximum re-use and even more efficiency for production processes.

ANDRITZ offers complete lines and process solutions

Simplified process flow: Black Soldier Flies


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