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Guaranteed first-class design and manufacture of centrifugal separators

Over 100 years old, the FRAU brand name is present in dairy and food plants all over the world and is a byword for long-term experience in design and manufacturing of centrifugal separators.

ANDRITZ Frautech S.r.l., owner of the "FRAU" brand, is a modern and dynamic company, enhancing the prestige of a name traditionally synonymous with reliability, innovation, and high technology.

The company is located in Schio (VI), Italy, and has highly qualified personnel for the manufacture of centrifugal disc separators for the food and non-food industries. Ever since construction of the first machine in the 1920s, ANDRITZ Frautech has always offered advanced products. This motivation distinguishes our company, which continues to design separators with the utmost attention to detail, using materials of excellent quality.Ongoing studies to optimize sizing of the bowl and the use of electronic systems for full control of the equipment allow us to build machines with high separation efficiencies, saving operating costs and ensuring low energy consumption.

The wide range of ANDRITZ Frautech two-phase, three-phase and nozzle separators includes solid-bowl and self-cleaning models, and the use of high-quality materials means that our separators can be used in many different applications. ANDRITZ Frautech continuously researches new technologies applied in the separation business. A staff of experienced engineers is qualified to offer the ultimate solutions, with the ambition to fulfill even the most demanding requirements of our customers.

The experience of more than one century of activity, the careful selection of quality components, and our valuable partners reward the confidence our customers place in ANDRITZ Frautech.

ANDRITZ Frautech serves its customers with:

  • Tailor-made design
  • Qualified distribution network
  • Efficient after-sales service

History of ANDRITZ Frautech


FRAU is founded


Production of dairy separators and dairy plants.


Production of dairy, oil and wine separators, plate heat exchangers and steam boilers


Development of new technologies and specific equipment


Production of turn-key systems


New models of separators with belt drive. FRAUTECH is the new Company name.


Production of separators for environment and renewable energy.




The company becomes part of the Austrian group ANDRITZ AG.

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