Are you looking for future-proof functional ingredients for the food industry?

Come and see our ANDRITZ food specialists at booth 6E140 in the Expo Foodtec zone.

The market outlook for food manufacturers is a challenging one. Customer demands on food ingredients are changing quickly. People want their food to be healthy, organic, and real. Consumers want to know about their food – where does it come from, how was it produced, what’s in it?

Is the food manufacturer aware of the global challenges we are facing? Does he save energy and re-use by-products? Does he care about the consumers’ well-being? ANDRITZ knows about these challenges and customer requirements and also has the answer to most of the process questions.

The ANDRITZ solutions for drying, centrifuging, cooling, dewatering, and filtration ensure that your end product is exactly what your clients are looking for. The peeler centrifuge and contact drum dryer, for instance, produce the perfect starches. The same contact drum dryer helps you produce gelatin, collagen, and proteins (both vegetable and animal). The paddle dryer handles your waste stream. ANDRITZ decanters and separators turn olives into gold by providing optimum yield and supreme quality, and the ANDRITZ fluid bed dryer dries gently at low temperature levels, which makes it suitable for milk powder and sweeteners.

Whether your ingredient needs high-temperature drying or a vacuum environment, long retention times, or some other special treatment, ANDRITZ has the right equipment for your manufacturing process. Whether your customers demand powder, flakes, product consistency, good organoleptic properties, hygiene, or more, ANDRITZ can help you respond to these demands.

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