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The Bridge, Vicenza, Italy, Food & Beverage

Did you know: A series of ANDRITZ clarifiers helped one Italian family company become a national leader and a major international exporter of vegan drinks, thanks to much higher throughput and improved product quality.

From the supermarket shelf to the breakfast table, the market has deve-loped a taste for non-dairy drinks. But how can a small family company succeed in shaping the flavor of this fast-growing beverage category? The secret lies in a relentless focus  on quality and efficiency, together with the right separation solution. 


Upgrade an inefficient bag filter system, and install additional clarifiers for later expansion to ensure low solids content with necessary efficiency.

Our solution:

One CA 51P separator, followed by one CA 51CH and two additional CA 71PH separators.


First separator doubled throughput while reducing solids content from 30% to 8%. 4 two-phase clarifiers together ensure high separation efficiency with better product quality, leading to high-quality end products at competitive prices.

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