How can you make speciality chemical production more sustainable?

Today, the specialty chemicals industry produces a wide range of substances that can be used to conserve resources, reduce waste and increase efficiency. Products such as adhesives, additives, polymers, flavors and surfactants are supplied to the automotive, pulp and paper, food and feed industries, among others. To counteract the negative effects on our climate, you as a specialty chemicals producer are also focusing on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, making existing technologies more energy efficient, and generating renewable energy. And this is where ANDRITZ comes in to help!

How do you ensure non-stop productivity for hazardous materials with a single production line?

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How can detergent production flow more smoothly?

Chemistry solutions fueled by expertise...

Thanks to our broad portfolio of dewatering and drying solutions for the manufacturing of specialty chemicals, and our team of separation specialists, at ANDRITZ we have both the capacity and the drive needed to create an environment where nature and humans can flourish and thrive together.

However your product is created, we most likely have everything you need for production: the technology, the process experts, the experience – all backed by proven service and innovative automation solutions.

... as well as extensive process experience!

ANDRITZ specialists have gained extensive knowledge on dewatering, filtration and drying processes through multiple stand-alone and turn-key batch and bulk projects at different (multi-national) speciality chemical manufacturing plants. They know that each type of raw material, being it adhesives, flavors, sweeteners, or healthcare ingredients, requires a different production method. With innumerous installations worldwide, ANDRITZ has a proven track record of excellent results whilst guaranteeing minimum downtime.

We aid you with unmatched process know-how, the right technologies, and a strong commitment to sustainability

Let’s be brilliant – together! Whether you are producing additives, adhesives, detergergents or something else - you can find ways to do it better. This is why we provide – in addition to labs - accessible mobile test equipment so that you can test your end product on-site and be assured of an easy transition to industrial scale.

We care

ANDRITZ strives to be a leader in sustainability, focusing on responsible corporate governance and ensuring a safe and viable future. ANDRITZ creates sustainable and lasting solutions that contribute to the conservation of natural resources and the protection of our environment and climate. Learn more.

The right solution for your separation challenge

Our current portfolio enables us to provide next generation dewatering and drying solutions for the innumerous manufacturing processes in the field of speciality chemicals such as sustainable nutrition, advanced transportation and much more. And by investing in R&D we – in close collaboration with our customers and leading universities - are making sure to meet the demands of tomorrows speciality chemical production as well.


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