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Healthy heart of a tissue machine  

Healthy heart - long, productive life

The Yankee is the heart of a tissue machine. To keep its machine’s heart healthy, Slovenian tissue producer Paloma Hygienic Paper relies on Yankee service from ANDRITZ.

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Iggesund Paperboard's mill  

It must be good. It must be brilliant!

Iggesund Paperboard’s mill in Workington, UK, focuses mainly on the future. It recently restarted its board machine after ANDRITZ rebuilt the press section – increasing capacity 10% and reducing energy consumption by almost 10%.

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Tembec: Red liquor. Green power.  

Red liquor. Green power

The new ANDRITZ sulfite recovery boiler and turbine-generator improve production costs and environmental performance while providing steady, long-term revenue for green electricity.

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Energy efficient fiber treatment with Durabond refiner plates  

Energy-efficient fiber treatment

Energy-efficient fiber treatment with Durabond refiner plates can have a significant impact on the bottom line.

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The new ANDRITZ tissue machines saved the Woodland mill in Maine from extinction  

Coming full circle

St. Croix Tissue is among the newest producers of premium tissue parent rolls in North America. The new ANDRITZ tissue machines saved the Woodland mill in Maine from extinction.

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Mjölby: Winter warmth from the forest  

Winter warmth from the forest

ANDRITZ supplied a biomass combined heat-and-power plant to keep residents of the town of Mjölby warm in the winter – using renewable fuels from local forests.

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Starting up a dream  

Starting up a dream

The opportunity to work on a greenfield mill project is the dream of many people in our industry. The people who helped create the 1.5 million t/a Puma Mill exactly on time certainly lived the dream.

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Read the interview about the origin of a pulping site     

Everything here is big

Interview with Júlio César Rodrigues da Cunha, Fibria’s Director of Engineering and Projects and Joel Starepravo, ANDRITZ Project Director

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ANDRITZ PULP & PAPER publishes SPECTRUM magazine twice a year in three languages (English, Russian, and Chinese). We created SPECTRUM to highlight the success of our customers and discuss the main issues facing the pulp, paper and power industry today.

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