Large Hydro
Maskrat falls tower assembly FAT in Chengdu Factory

ANDRITZ HYDRO in China – Your partner for renewable and clean energy

The Large Hydro division of ANDRITZ HYDRO is a global supplier of turnkey electromechanical equipment and services for large new hydropower plants (“water to wire”).

“Water to wire” provides complete electromechanical solutions for hydro power plants including gates & penstocks, main inlet valves, all electromechanical equipment in power house, transformers, high voltage switch gears, and transmission lines.

Maskrat falls tower assembly FAT in Chengdu Factory 

Maskrat falls tower assembly FAT in Chengdu Factory 

The entire Large Hydro equipment includes

  • engineering, design, model testing, purchasing, manufacturing, assembly, project management, all mechanical and electrical equipment, and the monitoring and diagnosis systems
  • all types of turbines
  • digital speed governors
  • main inlet valves
  • generators
  • electrical power systems
  • automation, control, protection, excitation, and synchronization
  • site management, installation, commissioning, testing, training
  • large rehabilitation projects
NBE generator Stator Meassure

NBE generator Stator Meassure