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ANDRITZ METALS‘ supplies and services at a glance

Product groups

Acid regeneration plants

Improved, sustainable oxide quality is achieved by effective and innovative acid regeneration technology. Wapur is the optimum process for cleaning spent pickling acid.

Air pollution control

ANDRITZ provides innovative air pollution control technologies, including wet flue gas cleaning, dry flue gas cleaning, DeNOx plants, and combined or multi-stage systems.


Customers are accompanied from the initial idea to the commissioning of their processing line. CEA tools, optimization models, decades of L1 and L2 experience, and continuous innovation, research and development guarantee optimum project handling.

Burner and refractory

Industrial burners, complete heating systems and combustion equipment for the steel and aluminum industries, pre-fabricated insulating shells for skid pipe systems in walking beam furnaces, pusher type furnaces, and functional refractory products.

Cold rolling

Innovative technologies and customer-oriented solutions from ANDRITZ METALS: 20-high rolling mills, high-capacity S6-high rolling mills, and inline/offline skin pass mill solutions.

Continuous strip furnace

Continuous furnaces from ANDRITZ METALS are used to heat up the strip after cold rolling. The furnace technology is adjusted according to the strip quality and mechanical properties to be achieved. ANDRITZ METALS provides solutions to produce the steel qualities required by the automotive or other industries in order to save energy and meet CO2 reduction targets.

Finishing lines

ANDRITZ METALS offers a solid range of finishing lines for all kinds of materials. Cold-rolled strip, stainless steel, copper or aluminum, and hot-rolled strip can be handled with our slitting lines, cut-to-length lines, and tension levelers.

Precision leveling

Levelers from ANDRITZ METALS cover a wide range of strip and plate dimensions for different materials, tailor-made to customer requirements. Maximum flatness of plates with greatly reduced internal stress is our strength.

Processing lines

Highest quality from decades of experience and continuous product development ensures the world market leadership of ANDRITZ METALS in processing lines for hot-rolled and cold-rolled carbon or stainless steel. From a bold idea to the final task, ANDRITZ METALS supports you all the way.

Reheating, heat treatment, melting, and refining furnaces

ANDRITZ has always developed intelligent solutions for thermal processes in the steel and copper industries. Our reheating, heat treatment, melting, and refining furnaces are at the peak of today's standards.

Life cycle service

We understand service as an integral part of our long-term partnership with you – our customer. ANDRITZ METALS Life Cylce Service is a dedicated partner to support your production success during the life cycle of our products.

Automatic stamping presses

ANDRITZ Kaiser is one of the market's most experienced suppliers of presses and automation for sheet metal forming. High precision, long lifetime of machine and tools, and low maintenance costs speak for the quality of our machines.

Special products

ANDRITZ METALS is an all-in-one supplier, but we also deliver all line sections and machines as single products. This offers customers the opportunity to maintain or modernize ANDRITZ METALS processing lines or to integrate our line sections or machines into external production lines.

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