ANDRITZ bale binder

ANDRITZ tying equipment for market pulp sheet drying plants

ANDRITZ pulp finishing and tying technology ensures high performance and safe operation of market pulp sheet drying plants.

It can be operated in fully automatic mode using the ANDRITZ BaleMatic bale finishing control system.

ANDRITZ bale binder - installation

ANDRITZ bale binder - installation

ANDRITZ bale binder – tying bales lengthwise and crosswise

The electric ANDRITZ bale binder applies one to three wires in longitudinal direction, followed by end folding in cross direction. The tying machine is equipped with quick disconnect, electrical and hydraulic connections for rapid exchange, with a stand-by unit for routine maintenance work.

ANDRITZ bale binder features:

  • Capacity up to 300 bales/h
  • Wire tensioning is electrically operated
  • Oil-free wire can be used
  • Quick disconnect/plug-in connections

ANDRITZ unit binder for easier handling and transportation

The unit binder combines bales into two-stack units for easier handling. The machine delivers precise strapping-wire tension. Before tying, the double stack is pressed in the integrated compactor station. The unit binder is equipped with quick disconnect, plug-in type electrical connections for rapid exchange with a stand-by unit for routine maintenance work.

ANDRITZ unit binder

ANDRITZ unit binder

ANDRITZ bale binder, unit binder, and stack binder configuration

  • Station
  • Conveyor system
  • Feed and tension module
  • Tying module
  • Coil carrier
  • Control logic for normal operation (automatic and manual modes)
  • Stand-by machine (tying module)

Service station (maintenance)

  • Feed and tension unit for testing bale binder and unit binder tying modules
  • Service logic with test procedures and test report

ANDRITZ BaleMatic pulp finishing control system

The ANDRITZ BaleMatic is specifically developed for pulp finishing systems. A fully automatic PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) system for high reliability controls the BaleMatic. Sophisticated programming ensures optimum results for time-critical machine functions, as well as safe and comfortable operation of the equipment. Production and system data are transmitted to a DCS or mill-wide information system via an interface. BaleMatic uses standard field bus technology.

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