ANDRITZ P2X Solutions (Power-to-X)

Securing the renewable energy supply: P2X enables the energy transition

ANDRITZ P2X Solutions create renewable fuels by utilizing water electrolysis to produce green hydrogen and then combining it with CO2 from biogenic sources. We are committed to helping our customers achieve net zero emissions through our P2X solutions, which drive energy transition, decarbonization, and the adoption of renewable energy sources for various industries and transportation. Together we reduce dependence on fossil fuels and help to mitigate climate change.

P2X converts renewable electricity into renewable fuels

P2X can be seen as a process. It stores the renewable energy generated from wind, solar, and hydro power, and converts it into renewable fuels. Our wide portfolio starts traditionally with renewable power generation via hydropower and converts renewable power to green hydrogen; combined with carbon capture. We also offer integration of synthesis for renewable fuels (Methanol) and energy vectors (e.g. Ammonia), and our separation technologies ensure purification of relating process gases.

From renewables to liquefied methane

ANDRITZ is your comprehensive P2X solution partner

As a reputable partner with a 170-year history, ANDRITZ is a complete solution provider for P2X. We strive to become a global leader in P2X solutions for green hydrogen and renewable fuels production. With expertise in plant construction, we offer engineering, manufacturing, maintenance, and procurement services supported by robust digital solutions. Our experts guide you through every step, from project launch to ongoing life-cycle services.

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