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Innovative recycling technologies for material separation and recovery, treatment of various types of waste and rejects, and the production of renewable energy help you reduce dependency on purchased power and eliminate landfilling of waste - thus making substantial contributions towards protecting the environment. 

ANDRITZ recycling plants: profitable, efficient and reliable

The ANDRITZ plant range offers recycling solutions for a wide variety of different applications: Electronic and electrical waste, refrigerators, cable scrap, aluminum scrap, automotive parts like oil filters, motor blocks and tires, domestic, industrial, bio, plastic and textile waste as well as rejects from the paper industry.

All materials contain valuable parts, e.g. copper, aluminum and iron, which are available and can again be sold as secondary raw materials when processed properly.

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We offer tailor-made recycling solutions for your industry!

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WEEE and refrigerators

With the potentially hazardous materials found in electronics, it is a challenge to break down and safely recycle components. This is a challenge that ANDRITZ has successfully conquered.

Rejects from the pulp and paper industry

With very high recovery rates, wastepaper has become an important raw material to substitute virgin fiber in the paper industry. However, the contaminants it contains must be removed and processed.

Key equipment Granulators UG for shredding
Waste to power – RDF plants

After shredding and separation of the valuable components out of RDF material, household and domestic waste, the remaining calorific value fraction is processed to substitute fuel.

Plastic waste

In order to meet the growing needs of the plastics recycling sector, ANDRITZ has develop a compact system combining an ADuro U shredder and a Censor ACZ decanter centrifuge to recover plastics as a valuable secondary raw material featuring high purity. An all in one solution for shredding, separating, washing and dewatering.

Textile Fiber Preparation

Conditioning of the waste textile material lays the foundation for the subsequent textile recycling process steps, regardless of whether they are based on mechanical, chemical, combined or any other customer-specific form of treatment.

Metals recycling and special processing

There are hundreds of different metal compounds containing components and materials which require specific processing technologies and methods to maximize their value and minimize environmental impact.

End-of-life vehicles

Treatment plants for a wide variety of automotive parts, like tires, oil filters, catalytic converters, motor blocks.

Wood waste recycling

Wood waste such as offcuts, veneers, boards from demolition projects, construction sites, and timber processing operations can be effectively processed with ANDRITZ shredding technology.

Recycling of organic waste

ANDRITZ has developed the ADuro QZ system to prepare packaged foods, organic waste, and energy crops for optimum fermenting conditions in bio-gas plants.


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