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Integrity beyond a doubt at all times

For many years, the top management of the ANDRITZ GROUP has made it crystal clear to all directors, managers and employees that business must be conducted in an ethical manner and in compliance with laws and internal rules.

We also consider it a key part of our social responsibility to incorporate sustainability goals into our products and the way we operate our businesses. In other words: our business culture requires that our integrity be maintained beyond a doubt at all times.

ANDRITZ CEO Joachim Schönbeck

CEO Compliance Statement

Compliance with laws and regulations and respect for business ethics are the foundation of ANDRITZ's business. It is written down in our Code of Conduct and Ethics. This isn't about ticking boxes; it's about ensuring our long-term success and maintaining the trust of our partners, communities, and colleagues.

It's crucial that everyone at ANDRITZ, whether you're an employee or a business partner, understands and lives by these values. Our reputation, success, and the great relationships we've built depend on it.

We’re committed to promoting these standards across ANDRITZ, ensuring that our values are more than just words. Let's keep ANDRITZ a place where we not only do business but do it right!

Joachim Schönbeck, CEO ANDRITZ

The Group Compliance Organization

We have established an ANDRITZ Group Compliance Organization to address a number of key subjects and provide ongoing global coverage in all regions in which we operate. The mission of the Group Compliance Organization is to ensure that risk assessments are carried out and that compliance policies and procedures are implemented and improved. In addition, it conducts internal and external audits to assess the effectiveness of rules and make further improvements. We encourage employees, business partners, and stakeholders to raise any concerns they may have. We have therefore created channels for communicating with us, including the possibility of using an anonymous whistleblowing tool.

Together, all aspects of our Group Compliance Program contribute to ensuring the effectiveness of our Compliance Management System. It is founded upon international recognized standards, based on a dynamic system that functions on the cornerstones of:

Risks assessment - Prevention - Detection - Sanction - Improvement

The Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

ANDRITZ has developed a number of compliance policies and business processes, all of which are based on the ANDRITZ Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (“Code of Conduct”). Our Code of Conduct is available in 13 languages. All employees receive a copy of the Code of Conduct as well as mandatory training on it. Thousands of compliance trainings are carried out every year across the globe – online and face-to-face – so that newcomers to the ANDRITZ world can embrace our values and long-term employees can refresh their knowledge. The revision of the code in 2019 was taken as an opportunity to launch a video with its content:

Compliance policies

Our compliance policies focus in particular on the following topics:

  • Anti-bribery/ anticorruption
  • Fraud prevention/ conflicts of interest prevention
  • Compliance with antitrust laws and guidelines
  • Prevention of insider trading
  • Non-discrimination
  • Data protection
  • Export controls
  • Supplier compliance
  • Sustainability

Supplier Compliance

For our Group Compliance Program to succeed, it is important that members of our supply chain adhere to the same values, principles and rules as we do. Many of our customers value the fact that ANDRITZ is making tremendous efforts to ensure that our suppliers comply with our standards of integrity. Suppliers who support the same compliance values and rules will be preferred business partners of our global organization.

This is why we have established a Supplier Code of Conduct that summarizes our suppliers’ commitment to our Group Compliance Program. Any business partner who wishes to be a supplier to the ANDRITZ GROUP is requested to adhere to the Supplier Code of Conduct. Suppliers must also pass an onboarding procedure during which they have to answer a questionnaire and may be subject to compliance audits. Eventually we may also invite our suppliers’ employees working for ANDRITZ to pass an online training course designed especially for them.

For more information about Supplier Compliance, click here.

Should you have any questions concerning our Group Compliance Program or require support in compliance matters related to the ANDRITZ GROUP, please contact the ANDRITZ Group Compliance department.

Tax Compliance and Tax Behavior

Our commitment to tax compliance is in line with our broader dedication to responsible corporate citizenship. We firmly believe that businesses, as integral members of society, have a responsibility to contribute to the common good, and paying taxes is one of the fundamental ways through which we fulfill that responsibility. 

The ANDRITZ Group’s Statement on Tax Behavior aims to give an insight on how ANDRITZ is handling tax matters, with focus on maintaining the highest level of tax honesty and compliance. Furthermore, this statement provides high-level information on approaches and principles regarding all tax matters within the ANDRITZ Group and describes the framework conditions we have set ourselves for dealing with all kinds of tax related matters. To provide an overall picture of how ANDRITZ acts in the world of taxes, this Statement does not only apply for corporate income taxes, but also for VAT, withholding taxes, customs duties, and all kinds of other taxes.  

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  • Code of Business Conduct and Ethics PDF : 212 KB
  • Supplier Code of Conduct (SCoC)

    Supplier Code of Conduct and Ethics

    PDF : 676 KB
  • Declaration Form

    Declaration of Supplier’s acknowledgement and acceptance of the ANDRITZ Supplier Code of Conduct and Ethics v3.0

    PDF : 115 KB
  • Whistleblowing Regulation PDF : 131 KB
  • Statement on Tax Behavior PDF : 91 KB
  • LKSG Policy Statement PDF : 969 KB