Securing our digital future

ANDRITZ cybersecurity - Managing the risks emerging from the networked environment

Businesses around the world are utilizing data and connectivity in their business processes and collaboration. Similar to businesses, the internet possesses both positive and negative aspects. It allows users and consumers of products and services to connect with businesses at any time and from anywhere. Unfortunately, this applies also to criminals and threat actors, who exploit the opportunities of cyberspace for malicious activities and financial gains.

ANDRITZ sees the changes in the business environment, the need for having reliable connections, access to data and the importance of being prepared to prevent cyber-attacks.

ANDRITZ approaches the modern security needs in three critical ways. We begin by protecting ourselves, our IT infrastructure, and information assets through a world-class information security program. Secondly, we develop and maintain secure products and services for our customers across various industries. And finally, we offer industry-leading cybersecurity solutions to effectively manage cyber risks.