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Hydropower potential worldwide

Currently, approximately 16% of the world's electrical energy comes from hydropower. It offers a wide spectrum of applications, including energy storage for grid stability and peak load coverage.

ANDRITZ Hydro image video (english)

Company video of ANDRITZ Hydro – one of the leading global suppliers for electromechanical systems and services for hydropower plants

Hydropower is the most economical form of renewable energy. In close cooperation with its customers, ANDRITZ Hydro elaborates long-living, environmentally friendly and economically efficient solutions for hydraulic power generation. Maintaining the natural environment, mankind, and technology in perfect harmony is an important part of ANDRITZ Hydro’s corporate culture.

Thus sustainability and conservative use of resources are given top priority.

ANDRITZ Hydro highlights:

  • More than 180 years of accumulated experience in turbine design
  • Over 31,900 turbines (more than 471,000 MW) installed globally
  • Over 125 years of experience in electrical equipment
  • The complete range up to more than 800 MW

ANDRITZ Hydro is a leading supplier in the service and rehabilitation market and a world market leader for small hydropower solutions.