Invest in the future and a greener environment

ANDRITZ offers different technologies for the production of sustainable and environment friendly materials

ANDRITZ has always invested in future-oriented technologies that reduce the use of substances and raw materials as well as energy consumption, while at the same time further developing the production of nonwoven products that have less impact on the environment or are even completely biodegradable, as in the area of disposable products.

Market situation and our motivation

The rising threat of plastic pollution and stricter regulations from governments and trade associations have propelled us to search for ideal production technologies for fully biodegradable and plastic-free wet wipes. Such processes are achieving high performance entirely with natural and/or renewable raw materials. The added benefit of using a blend of fibers, like wood pulp, short-cut cellulosic fibers, viscose, cotton, hemp, bamboo or linen, without chemical additives results  in a 100% sustainable fabric, thus meeting customers’ needs exactly as well as supporting the strong  tendency to move away from plastics and synthetics. 

All from a single source

We are the only supplier providing complete produc-tion processes for biodegradable wipes from just one source. Our system supply services are cost-efficient, flexible, and reliable, and they cover the entire spectrum. From stock preparation/opening and blending, forming, bonding to drying, you benefit from comprehensive process know-how, ensuring all components are in harmony. 

Responsibility of the entire industry

However, this topic concerns not only us as machinery supplier, but also the entire industry and supply chain, comprising raw material suppliers, roll goods producers, finishing and converting companies, retailers, and finally the end user. Activities by supporting industries help to create awareness in all parties and can start to change how end users behave. Together, as one industry, we can create new production technologies to focus on a greener environment and a brighter future. 

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