ANDRITZ and Novafiber - partnership dedicated to more sustainability

The Central American company Novafiber relies on ANDRITZ technology at its facility in Palín, Guatemala.

Novafiber's mission is to reprocess large quantities of textile waste from the fashion industry, giving it a new life and transforming it into new, innovative, high-quality products. Novafiber offers solutions for companies looking for ecological and sustainable options for their processes. And Novafiber has chosen ANDRITZ as its technology supplier (Here is the original press release), more precisely: ANDRITZ Laroche, the specialists within the ANDRITZ Group when it comes to mechanical textile recycling in the form of complete lines, from sorting to pressing the fiber bales, and moreover when there is a demand for Airlay nonwovens production.

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Textile-to-nonwoven turns waste into profit

This was already the second mechanical recycling line that ANDRITZ supplied to Novafiber, supplemented by an Airlay line. Both are located at Novafiber's site in Palín, Guatemala, where new materials are produced from post-industrial textile waste with the help of the airlay line, mainly for bedding and furniture manufacturing. The textile waste comes from all over the Central American region and Novafiber's production site can be seen as an illustrative example of circular textile-to-nonwovens production.

Textile Recycling line at Novafiber

The line at Novafiber is an ANDRITZ Exel line. An Exel line can handle up to 1,200 kg per hour in output for further processing into nonwoven products. In the video, the complete process at Novafiber is shown and Charles Junker, Head of Sales at ANDRITZ Laroche, also explains some background information about the project.

Best practice: Mechanical recycling line at Novafiber

Airlay at Novafiber

The produced fibers of the ANDRITZ Exel recycling line feed ANDRITZ's Airlay Flexiloft line. The combination of both lines, textile recycling and airlay reprocessing with recycled fibers, at one site is another advantage and a good practical example for other nonwovens producers planning to manufacture from recycled textile fibers.

Let's talk about it

Novafiber General Manager Jean-Philippe Bernard talks with Charles Junker about the project, the challenges and opportunities and sustainability.