A comprehensive range of technologies for marine, offshore and subsea applications

Offshore and subsea applications require solutions for the most extreme operating conditions.

The products of ANDRITZ HYDRO fulfill the demanding requirements placed by customers and certification authorities in the hydropower energy, oil, and gas industries all over the world. Depending on the industry concerned, several offshore products and solutions are available, as follows:

Offshore hydropower energy production

Tidal current turbines operate according to the same principle as a horizontal axis wind turbine. The tidal current creates a torque on the rotor which is used to drive a step-up gearbox, and this in turn drives the asynchronous generator. Power quality is controlled by power electronics.

Sea water lift applications

Thanks to their design, submersible motor pumps create an extremely valuable commodity on platforms everywhere. The high-tech units can be completely submerged in the sea water, with the advantage that no pump room is required to install the pumps. They are absolutely maintenance-free and can be installed easily and flexibly without any limitations on depths.

ANDRITZ provides pumps for all types of rigs and ships

  • Bilge and ballast pumps
  • Boiler feed pumps
  • Booster pumps
  • Drill water pumps
  • Emergency fire pumps
  • Fire fighting pumps
  • Foam/deluge pumps
  • General service/ fire pumps
  • Hot water circulating pumps
  • Jetting pumps
  • Sea water lift pumps
  • Submersible raw water pumps
  • Drives for subsea machinery

Double-suction submersible motor pumps, HDM (Heavy Duty Mining) series (English)

Heavy duty mining - HDM series (English)


ANDRITZ SeaSOx technology  – exhaust gas cleaning systems for the marine industry

ANDRITZ SeaSOx Scrubbers

Designed on the basis of more than 35 years of experience in scrubber design and using the most highly developed CFD models to simulate and optimize flow distribution and SOx mass transfer the maritime scrubbers offer some decisive benefits.

Remove SOx, NOx and particulates in one step! ANDRITZs unique multi filtration for exhaust gas cleaning in the maritime industry

Cleaning of exhaust gas in the shipping industry is a challenge that is perfectly compatible with the comprehensive know-how ANDRITZ has gathered from supplying and optimizing hundreds of flue gas cleaning plants worldwide. In the maritime sector, ANDRITZ offers proven and well known technologies such as the common and well known open-loop, closed loop, hybrid-ready and hybrid SeaSOx scrubbers and is consciously developing its product portfolio further in order to provide all customers with the perfect solution to meet their requirements.

ANDRITZ offers Dual-/Mulit-Filtration exhaust gas cleaning technology for multi-pollutant control. SeaSOx Dual Filtration is used for abatement of sulphur oxides (SOx) and particulates, while SeaSOx Multi-Filtration removes nitrogen oxides (NOx) in addition.

Hence, ANDRITZ is the only supplier worldwide to offer its customers both SeaSOx scrubbers (wet solution) and SeaSOx Dual/Multi-Filtration (dry solution) for exhaust gas cleaning.

• SO2 removal to achieve a 0.1% Sulphur content

• Low pressure loss in filter < 15mbar

• Less power consumption (around 90% less than a wet scrubber)

• No circulating fluids

• No dry dock required for installation (as no sea chests or overboard installation work are needed)

• No wash water

• No exhaust gas plume

• No chemical concern (NaHCO3 is also know a baking soda)

• Additional dust separation > 99%

• Exhaust gas from several sources can be cleaned at the same time

• No harmful sorbents

• Less equipment overall