Submersible motors

Maximum operational reliability and extremely long service life

ANDRITZ develops and manufactures submersible motors for various fields of application in water supply, mining and offshore. Equipped with a special cooling technology (MCT) and an interior permanent motor technology (IPM), ANDRITZ submersible motors achieve impressive performance values, efficiencies, and cost savings.

ANDRITZ submersible motor, SM series


Their rewindable winding makes ANDRITZ submersible motors from the SM series the ideal drivers for submersible deep well pumps, bottom intake pumps, seawater lift pumps, and for subsea machinery. Thus, they can be used for water supply and in the offshore as well as the mining industry. They are designed as water-filled and water-cooled three-phase asynchronous motors with squirrel-cage rotors with a mechanical shaft seal. Depending on the field of operation, ANDRITZ submersible motors from the SM series can be made of cast iron, bronze or stainless steel and can be installed vertically and horizontally. For more information on our submersible motors please have a look at our brochures in the sidebar or contact us directly.

ANDRITZ SM motor series -
low-voltage motors

Design:water-filled and cooled three-phase asynchronous
Power:up to 700 KW
Voltage:up to 1,000 volts
Temperature:up to 75° C
Speed:up to 3,600 rpm

ANDRITZ SM motor series -
high-voltage motors

Design:water-filled and cooled three-phase asynchronous
Power:up to 5,000 KW
Voltage:up to 14,000 volts
Temperature:up to 75° C
Speed:up to 3,600 rpm
ANDRITZ modular cooling technology (MC-T)

MCT - Modular cooling technology for submersible motors

Efficient and cost-effective cooling of submersible motors is a constant source of discussion by well and mine operators. Derating is a less-than-ideal solution. In addition to high capital and energy costs, the overlarge, downgraded motors usually require a larger well diameter. Oil cooling needs careful consideration as well – any failure can cause ecological damage.

ANDRITZ motors are equipped with the innovative modular cooling technology (MCT ), enhancing durability and also being the most efficient possible means of cooling submersible motors. The absolutely maintenance-free motors use potable water as cooling fluid and can be installed in media up to 75° C. A pump impeller brings movement into the cooling circuit and thus provides flow in the right direction. Our own development cooling channels ensure heat absorption at all thermal sources and heat evacuation, as well as providing optimal heat conduction through the outside of the motor to the flow medium. The additional use of heat exchanger modules allows precise dimensioning of the cooling capacity. For more information on our modular cooling technology please have a look at our brochures in the sidebar or contact us directly.

Product benefits

  • Reduced investment and energy costs
  • Drinking water as the cooling medium
  • Suitability for media temperatures up to 75 °C
  • Maximum operational reliability
  • Extremely long service life
ANDRITZ IPM – Interior Permanent Motor Technology for submersible motors

IPM – Interior permanent motor technology for submersible motors

ANDRITZ interior permanent motor technology (IPM) uses a rotor with integrated permanent magnets. Existing asynchronous motors thus become permanent-magnet synchronous motors with impressive performance values: average efficiency increases of 4% and in the partial load ranges, as much as 7% at levels above 90%. Speaking of flexibility, IPM motors perfectly complement our modular shaft pump technology (MST). Through simple mounting and demounting the MST stage modules, the discharge pressure of the pump can be flexibly adjusted to meet the respective operating conditions. For more information on our interior permanent motor technology please have a look at our brochures in the sidebar or contact us directly.

Product benefits

  • Enormous increase in efficiency up to over 100% for the same size
  • A broad range of application reduces storage and logistics costs
  • Extremely high efficiencies up to the part-load operational range guarantee lowest energy costs
  • High efficiencies and an excellent power factor go along with lower power consumption and thus enable the use of smaller cable cross-sections
  • Flexible adaptation of pump performance to the duty point via frequency converter without losses

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