Financial calendar

This financial calendar provides all data on the main events, such as publication dates of financial results, dates of annual general meetings and of roadshows.

It is updated continuously.


November 4Results Q1-Q3 2022

November 10

UBS European Conference (virtual)

November 15

RS New York, Baader Helvea

November 28

RS Paris, UBS

2023 (preliminary) 

March 8

Results for the 2022 business year

March 19

Record date of Annual General Meeting

March 29

Annual General Meeting

March 31


April 3

Dividend record date

April 4

Dividend payment

April 27Results Q1 2023
July 27Results H1 2023
November 2Results Q1-Q3 2023

Replay conference call results Q3 / Q1-Q3 2022

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