Financial calendar

Financial calendar 2018

This financial calendar provides all data on the main events, such as publication of financial results, annual general meetings, and roadshows.

It is updated continuously.


January 16Roadshow Sydney
January 17Roadshow Melbourne
January 17GCC German Corporate Conference, Frankfurt
January 30Roadshow Boston
February 5HSBC SRI Conference, Frankfurt
March 2Results for the 2017 business year
March 13Record date Annual General Meeting
March 23Annual General Meeting
March 26-27Baader Australia Conference, Sydney
March 27Ex-dividend
March 28Record date dividend
March 29Dividend payment
April 5Kepler Cheuvreux Austrian Equity Day, Paris
April 11RCB Investor Conference, Zürs
May 3Results for the first quarter of 2018
May 8Roadshow Chicago
May 14Roadshow London
May 22Berenberg Conference, New York
May 29Roadshow Toronto
June 5Roadshow Seattle
June 7dbAccess Berlin Conference, Berlin
June 14J.P. Morgan Capital Goods CEO Conference, London
June 19Roadshow Tokyo
August 2Results for the first half of 2018
August 7Jefferies Industrial Conference, New York
August 13Roadshow San Diego & Los Angeles
September 3Roadshow Zurich
September 6Morgan Stanley Industrial CEOs Unplugged, London
September 12Börse-Informationstag, Vienna
October 8Erste Group Investor Conference, Stegersbach
November 6Results for the first three quarters of 2018