We enable the green transition

When speaking of our environment, climate crisis, environmental pollution and resource scarcity are three of the most pressing challenges of our time. And time is the crucial factor here: the world needs to change – now. We all need to change. 

In order to create a better future for our children and grandchildren, we must build a new economy. A greener one. We at ANDRITZ are doing everything to drive this change: We enable our customers to make the world a greener place with our sustainable solutions. 

To do this, they can choose from a wide range of technologies in all kinds of fields from decarbonization to recycling and waste-to-value systems on through to pollution control – and we are constantly working on further innovations to tackle more and more of today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. 


At the same time, we are, of course, also striving to reduce our own carbon footprint: We plan to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1 and 2) by 50% compared to 2019 by the end of 2025. Hence, we implement measures to improve energy efficiency and increase the share of renewable energy sources at our production sites. 

Apart from that, we are continuously minimizing the environmental impact of our locations regarding water consumption and waste production – here too, the plan is a 5% reduction compared to the previous year.

But all this is not a new phenomenon, it is not a trend for us. We have been engaging in innovative technologies for more than 170 years now. With our passion and our spirit we are improving things, step by step, day by day: we have always been engineering for the change.

All our efforts have one common goal: a better future. 

We need to address the following three pivotal points to ensure that this change is successful: decarbonizing industries and mobility to mitigate climate change, transforming the economy into a true circular economy to use resources responsibly, and protecting our environment. We must strive to keep the environment as free from pollution as possible, safeguarding our air, water and soil to preserve biodiversity and ensure a healthy ecosystem for future generations. 

Read how our advanced sustainable technologies are enabling the green transition:



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We enable the green transition

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