Needleloom neXloom DF-4 Elliptica Type

Improve pre-needling and visual appearance makes the pre-needler DF-4 Elliptica Type to a new reference in its segment

The Elliptica Type DF-4 needleloom processes light products at high-speed while providing the assurance that quality is the priority. Available in large widths, it provides optimized pre-needling consolidation to ensure an even visual appearance. This needleloom is the preferred equipment when quality aspects of high-grade fabrics are important.

Elliptical processing for best appearance

Thanks to a simple and reliable design, the Elliptica needleloom is available in double stroke mode type DF-4 as well as single stroke type SD-2. It ensures quick and cost-oriented maintenance in addition to a competitive capital investment (sharing the well-known ANDRITZ needleloom frame). Its ability to adjust the advance stroke set- up during operations is surely a differentiating asset on the market. In order to ensure a safe production process, the elliptical movement and related parts included in the ANDRITZ housing are completely protected.

Main specifications

  • 40 to 60 mm stroke amplitude
  • Versatile needling
  • Working width from 2.70 to 8.10 m (larger for paper felts)
  • Up to 1,200 rpm (pre-needling)
  • Automatic, infinitely variable advance stroke from 0 to 10 mm based on the needle pattern, which can be easily adjusted from the control panel during operations
  • Elliptica Type DF-4 (4 boards) or SD-2 (2 boards) are available with up to 16,000 needles/m
  • Only one needle per hole
  • No marking
  • Same footprint as in a non-elliptical version


  • Enhanced visual surface quality
  • Improved product quality and uniformity
  • No fabric delamination in the needling phase
  • Low maintenance requirement
  • High durability at lower costs
  • Compact machine
  • Oil lubrication: greater reliability
  • Perfect for demanding markets such as automotive, paper felts, spunbond products, synthetic leather and others

DF-4 Elliptica Type closed window


Close-up needles and holes


Made for various industries with a significant requirement for high visual appearance

The neXloom DF-4 Elliptica Type is the ideal needlepunch configuration for manufacturers of products that require a high-quality visual appearance of their outer materials, such as car interiors, synthetic leather, furniture, clothing and other materials with high visual requirements. This, combined with the durability of the products, creates the basis for a qualitative advantage. 

Open up and view inside the neXloom DF-4 Elliptica Type


Close-Up arrangement needleboards


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