Adult pants technology

ANDRITZ adult pant eXcelle

A new reference in the production of adult pants in efficiency and quality performance

ANDRITZ Diatec adult pant platforms feature a state-of-the-art process with highest quality standards. All machines are customizable and offer top-class components and advanced technology solutions for the benefit of customers. To respond to the challenges of adult pants machines, ANDRITZ has developed ultrasonic side seam technology, which ensures bond strength and system reliability without interfering with machine speed.

Up to 240 m/min

Linear speed 

Up to 300 pcs/min

Production speed


Uptime efficiency 



Width: up to 1,000 mm

Product dimensions

220/480 Vac, 50/60 Hz 3 phases + N + PE (24 Vdc auxiliary)

Electric power supply

Single yarn control unwinding system


Adult pants converting unit


ANDRITZ neXline adult pant line for a flexible and high-productive processing


Your benefits:

  • Modern forming system for higher S.A.P. concentration
  • Integrated insert cutting, turning and placing system for maximum process stability
  • Innovative ultrasonic side sealing solu-tions for higher strength and system reliability
  • Ergonomic and operator-friendly process
  • Fast and easy operation and size change
  • Customized process and machine layout for specific needs

Core forming module

  • Cellulose pulp stand
  • Compact disc mill (or hammer mill) with double inlet
  • Drum former, 3D or flat
  • Core processor
  • S.A.P. dosing system

Folding and final cutting area

  • Rotary die unit
  • Longitudinal folding system
  • End sealing system (ultrasonic)
  • End cutting station
  • Final turn and repitching drum
  • Final longitudinal folding system
  • Bi-folding system
  • Reject system
  • Full servo-motion system
  • Hot-melt system
  • Manuals, drawings and software

Product assembly and final
cutting area

  • Backsheet processing units
  • Leg cuff creating system (glue, thermo, ultrasonic)
  • AQL cutting and splitting unit
  • Waistband elastic lamination system (glue, ultrasonic)
  • Curved elastic application system
  • Elastic cutter
  • Integrated insert module
  • Disposable tape applicator
  • Offline unwinders with automatic splicers

Optional equipment

  • Second drum former
  • Online backsheet lamination
  • Additional size change kits
  • Quality system LS with line scan camera
  • Wetness indicator application
  • Metal detector
  • Lotion application system
  • Glue vision system

Adult pant content items and composition


adult pant eXcelle schematic example

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