History of ANDRITZ Diatec S.R.L.

Diatec was established in 1992 and it soon broke a path in the hygiene sector by providing state-of-the-art solutions to this segment of the market. In 1995 the first complete line was internally designed, built, tested and installed. 

By 2007 Diatec had completed over 190 lines and more than 205 Diatec retrofit kits were scattered around the world. Since then the company has grown consistently and our machines have become more and more complex, producing a wider range of products: baby diapers; pull-ups; sanitary napkins; panty shields; under pads, adult light incontinence and incontinence products; food pads; spool winding equipment; laminates; disposable gloves and medical products. 

Today, 25 years after its foundation, Diatec remains at the forefront of innovation and stands among the world partners in the absorbent hygiene sector. 2018 Diatec became part of the Nonwoven Division of the global ANDRITZ group, based in Graz, Austria.

2020D-TECH face mask succesfully introduced to the market
2019Development of D-TECH adult pant
2018Diatec becomes ANDRITZ Diatec
2013Diatec has reached the milestone of winning the 100th customer
2007Diatec completed over 190 lines and more than 200 retrofit kits
2001Diatec reaches the Milestone of 100 installed production line
1995The first complete production line is designed, built and installed
1992Diatec is founded
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