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High-speed converting for health protection - face mask eXcelle

From the experts in hygiene converting - the new line for producing high-quality protection wear in face masks

ANDRITZ with its Group member ANDRITZ Diatec is recognized worldwide as specialists in machine technology for the manufacture of hygienic applications. The company has a particular expertise in the areas of efficiency, minimizing waste, and production speed. 
With its latest development, face mask eXcelle, the company serves the field of medical protective equipment. 

The ANDRITZ face mask configuration will produce masks for surgical/medical applications as well as high quality respiratory masks.

ANDRITZ face mask eXcelle is a sophisticated, high-performance production line that is also officially supported by the German Health Alliance (GHA).

Production line output


face mask eXcelle pilot line


Up to 750,000

Capacity per day

Up to 600

Capacity per minute

Up to 110 m/min

Production speed 

90 %

Uptime efficiency 

14000 mm length | 2000 mm width | 2500 mm height

Line dimensions

Low maintenance, low downtimes

Extra features

Built for now and the future

The face mask eXcelle production line for protective masks can fully automatically laminate and produce three fabric layers (spunbond, meltblown, thermally bonded nonwovens, and many others) and includes unwinding and guiding units for nonwovens. In the future, another layer can be added to the processing to enable further product diversification or types of face masks.


  • High production speed (depending on type of mask to produce)
  • Enhanced production capacity
  • Non-stop production
  • Robust construction of the entire equipment
  • High end continuous production due to splicing systems
  • Reduced maintenance downtime for higher efficiency
  • Energy efficiency for a better carbon footprint
  • Easy to operate in all functions of the line
  • Quality control system included
  • Quick delivery and assembly of the line
  • Full ANDRITZ service and support, optionally for entire product life cycle

Indispensable as basic equipment in the medical field: face masks

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The ANDRITZ face mask eXcelle line comprises

  • Unwinding and guiding units for nonwoven webs
  • Cutting and positioning devices for the metal nose bar
  • Edge welding and cutting unit
  • 90° rotation process of face mask
  • Positioning and welding of the ear loop elastics
  • Smart and continuous production – all product parameters are controlled automatically

D-TECH face mask in high-speed operation

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