Guri II hydropower plant, Venezuela

Large new installations

“The industrial revolution was powered by water; water, wind and sun together will power the sustainable growth of the future.”

World Hydropower Congress Bali Statement on Powering Sustainable Growth: Consultation Draft 

The global hydropower market continues to be a significant player in the renewable energy landscape, providing a substantial share of the world's electricity generation. 

Both large-scale hydroelectric projects and run-of-the-river installations contribute to the overall renewable installed hydropower capacity.  

Large hydropower is recognized for its clean energy credentials and to balance between electricity production and sustainability.  

Technological advancements, evolving regulatory frameworks, and an increasing global focus on reducing carbon emissions are influencing the trajectory of the hydropower market, making it a critical component of the world's transition towards a more sustainable energy future.

The “Large Hydro” Division is a global supplier of turnkey electromechanical equipment and services for the installation of large new hydropower plants (“water to wire”) and components, including installation beyond the compact hydro range.

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Large Hydro - Competent partner for your projects

ANDRITZ Large Hydro stands out as a competent partner for your projects in the hydropower sector, offering extensive expertise and proven capabilities in the development and implementation of large-scale hydroelectric initiatives. With a commitment to sustainable energy solutions, ANDRITZ Large Hydro brings to the table a wealth of experience in the construction and management of sizable hydropower projects, including the design and execution of hydropower plant equipment. The company's focus on state of the art technology, adherence to stringent environmental standards, and a track record of successful collaborations make ANDRITZ Large Hydro a reliable and forward-thinking partner for stakeholders seeking robust and efficient solutions in the ever-evolving landscape of large hydroelectric ventures.

Scheme of a large hydropower installation – FengNing II

The production of environmentally friendly power is pivotal in ensuring a sustainable and renewable energy source for future generations, aligning seamlessly with solar, wind, and other regenerative solutions to benefit the environment as a whole. The significance of storing energy during off-peak periods and managing grid regulation tasks continues to grow.

As a leading provider of water-to-wire pumped storage technology, we have diligently tracked these trends and offer comprehensive solutions for pumped storage plants, catering to both high heads and various speed technology preferences. Tailored to your unique energy production cycles and market requirements, ANDRITZ Large Hydro provides bespoke solutions that perfectly align with your needs.

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