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The ANDRITZ approach to sustainability

In the face of the current climate crisis, ANDRITZ recognizes the urgency of the fight against global warming and is firmly committed to reducing our carbon footprint and actively developing solutions that help our customers minimize theirs.

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In response, in June 2021 the company launched the “We Care” sustainability program. The program combines all ANDRITZ sustainability activities and defined targets under a single Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) banner.

Within the broad ESG topic, ANDRITZ is focusing on key areas where we can make the maximum contribution. For the environment, our focus is on technologies that support decarbonization and reduce resource consumption. In addition, we have set the goal of halving our own carbon footprint by 2025 and reducing our water consumption and waste volume, too. For example, last year all German locations switched from renewable sources to electricity, with more locations to follow. The installation of photovoltaic systems at several sites also started this year. Employee satisfaction, health and safety, and diversity are at the center of our social focus, while our governance-related efforts focus on compliance and ethically correct behavior, risk management, and responsible supplier management.

Across the social and governance areas, ANDRITZ Group Corporate Compliance monitors ethical business conduct, while Group Quality and Safety Management takes the initiative to make work safer, and Group Supply Chain Management ensures that we buy from suppliers who meet the requirements of our Supplier Code of Conduct. 

"As an international technology group, ANDRITZ has a strong focus on sustainable solutions which help to  protect the environment, contribute to decarbonization, reduce resource use, and foster a circular economy."

At ANDRITZ, we are committed to addressing decarbonization, embracing the circular economy, and contributing to a better world. Through our We Care sustainability program, we focus on reducing our carbon footprint, saving resources, and developing sustainable technologies that help our customers achieve their sustainability goals. By positively impacting our planet, we strive to create a brighter future for all,” says Joachim Schönbeck, President and CEO of ANDRITZ GROUP.

As an international technology group, ANDRITZ has a strong focus on sustainable solutions that help to protect the environment, contribute to decarbonization, reduce resource use, and foster a circular economy. By 2025, every second Euro of ANDRITZ’ revenue is to be generated by these sustainable solutions.


Science-based greenhouse gas emission targets

At the beginning of 2023, ANDRITZ committed to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), as part of its determination to contribute to the 1.5° C goal established in the Paris Agreement.

"Our commitment to SBTi offers a way to have our greenhouse gas reduction targets assessed and validated by an independent organization based on science. It will help us make our contribution to containing global warming,” says Schönbeck, adding: “This initiative also helps to strengthen our stakeholders’ confidence in us."

Under the SBTi commitment, ANDRITZ will develop comprehensive greenhouse gas emission reduction targets. Data on Scope 1 emissions (from sources controlled by the company) and Scope 2 emissions (related to the purchase of electricity, steam, heat, or cooling) is already being collected and reported. The  next  step will be to identify Scope 3 emissions that arise upstream and downstream in the supply chain as the basis for the SBTi targets. Typically, Scope 3 emissions account for the largest share of a manufacturer's total emissions.

Sustainability is key to our collective future and the ANDRITZ environmental, social and governance program is just part of that tangible commitment. We Care.

Author: Caroline Hofer

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