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July 2021: ANDRITZ Hydro and MAN Energy Solutions agree on hydrogen cooperation 

Contract signing / Vertragsunterzeichnung


International technology Group ANDRITZ and the German company MAN Energy Solutions have concluded a strategic framework agreement to jointly develop international projects for the production of green hydrogen from hydropower. 

Read more in the press release


Dinorwig pumped storage plant in Llanberis, North Wales, United Kingdom

© ENGIE/ First Hydro Company

ANDRITZ to supply new spherical valves for Dinorwig power station in North Wales, United Kingdom, one of the largest pumped storage plants in Europe



May 2021: HPP Schils, Switzerland – Pelton Turbines in commercial operation


In March 2021 ANDRITZ receive the PAC (Provisional Acceptance Certificate) for both Pelton turbines (Aeuli and Bruggwiti) in the Schils powerhouse. Thus, after a runtime of approx. 20 months, the project was now hand over to the commercial operation to the full satisfaction of the customer, the SAK (St. Gallisch-Appenzellische Kraftwerke AG).

The contract stipulated high requirements for the efficiencies of the turbines. However, already during the trial operation it had become apparent, that the turbines were generating significantly more power than contractually committed. Now it is being considered whether the contractually agreed efficiency measurement should be carried out at all.

The powerhouse is located in the impressive scenery of the Flums Valley and after the current rehabilitation of the existing facilities, the plant in Schils increase the energy production from 39 GWh by about 20% to 48 GWh. As a result, about 2,000 additional households will be supplied with renewable electricity (refer also to the earlier news no. 75/2019).

The customer and also the ANDRITZ project management are very pleased and satisfied, that in particular the installation on site and the commissioning phase of the project Schils were not affected by the Corona pandemic at all and the work could be carried out as planned.



April 2021:

© Genex Power Ltd

ANDRITZ to supply electro-mechanical equipment and maintenance service for one of the world’s first co-located solar pumped storage plants in Australia


February 2021: PSP Waldeck II, Germany – Contract for rehabilitation of unit #6 signed

© luftbild.siebengebirge@googlemail.com
© Uniper Kraftwerke GmbH

The Waldeck II pump storage power plant is located near Lake Edersee in the area of the municipality of Edertal in Germany. The pump storage unit #6 of the Waldeck II PSP is a vertically installed machine set consisting of a single-stage storage Pump and a Francis turbine, both of which permanently coupled to the generator. The pump and the turbine each have two, a downstream- and an upstream-sided spherical valve. Uniper Kraftwerke GmbH (UKW) intends to refurbish all the components, i.e. the pump and the turbine together with the spherical valves of unit #6 of Waldeck II pump storage power station.

The subject of the contract is the dismantling, rehabilitation locally and the workshop, reassembly and recommissioning of the machine set as detailed in the contract specifications. Commissioning of the unit is scheduled for end of 2021.

The consortium consisting of ANDRITZ and Voith was awarded the contract under the leadership of ANDRITZ Hydro after very intensive negotiations. The order demonstrates UKW's confidence in ANDRITZ's competence in rehabilitating large and technically demanding machine sets. Pump storage is a major player in the energy transition to a clean and renewable future.

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