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21/03/2024: Dinorwig, Wales – Two main inlet valves successfully handed over to the customer

Beneath what was once one of the world's largest slate quarries, Dinorwig power station has been safeguarding the stability of UK National Grid for forty years. To maintain its vital role, ANDRITZ is currently replacing the original main inlet valves of the pumped storage power station. As XXL-sized shut-off valves for the pressure penstock, these spherical valves are critical for operating the units and safety of the plant. Their replacement is a key part of extending the life of Dinorwig.

© First Hydro Company

The new main inlet valves feature a unique combination of large diameter, high operating pressure, and fast maneuvering speed. During the successful commissioning and subsequent test run, the performance and availability requirements could be immediately fulfilled. Following handover of the first two main inlet valves at the beginning of March 2024, the customer First Hydro Company is now operating two of its generating units with new valves from ANDRITZ.

The total of six units at Dinorwig have a total capacity of 1,728 MW. Replacement of the remaining main inlet valves is planned for the coming year. ANDRITZ is proud to have won the customer's trust in this key project and to have lived up to it with the successful handover.


20/03/2024: Namgang, South Korea - Milestone reached: Final Acceptance of hydropower units

At the end of 2016, ANDRITZ signed a contract with Korea Water Resources Corporation (K-Water) for the turnkey refurbishment of the Namgang hydropower plant in South Korea. The project site is located 100 km west of Busan, South Korea’s second largest city. After an execution period of about four years, including a hydraulic model test at an ANDRITZ Hydro test rig, and an absolute efficiency measurement of the generator at site, the turbines, generators, electrical and auxiliar equipment was handed over to K-Water for commercial operation.

© K-Water

In January 2024, K-Water has granted the final acceptance of the equipment after completion of the warranty period, which brings the execution of the order to an end. 

After the delivery of 14 Bevel Gear Bulb turbines for the Four Rivers Restoration Project, Namgang HPP constitutes an additional reference for ANDRITZ’ small hydropower business. 

ANDRITZ is currently pursuing further projects in South Korea, and thus further strengthening the market position in the country.

Output: 2 × 9 MW     
Voltage: 6.6 kV    
Head: 17.88 m    
Speed: 240 rpm    
Runner diameter: 2,850 mm


18/03/2024: Reckingen, Switzerland / Germany – Kick-off for the rehabilitation of the 2nd Group at the Reckingen power plant

Following the successful rehabilitation of the Group 1 at the Reckingen power plant, which was commissioned in 2023, the go-live has now been given for the modernization of the 2nd Group.


The contract was signed in the presence of the Executive Board and the project management of Kraftwerk Reckingen AG and the supplier ANDRITZ Hydro AG in Kriens.

By redesigning key parts of the new Kaplan turbine, the intake water volume will be increased by...



26/02/2024: Hydropower Storage – Key to Grid Stability and Energy Supply Security

At the beginning of the year, the discussion on the storage strategy of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) is gaining momentum. We have been observing this growing global demand for hydropower storage projects for some time now. According to the International Hydropower Association (IHA), a construction of up to 60 GWh is expected by 2030. 

© Iberdrola

A recent article in the Financial Times illustrates how hydropower storage, worldwide, is the key to grid stability and energy supply security, making it a crucial pillar of the energy system.

An outstanding example is the Tamega hydropower storage complex in Portugal, developed by our client : Alto Tamega, Daivoes, and Gouvães. For Gouvães, the centerpiece of the project, we provide the technology and take pride in our contribution to the success of this project.

In Germany, we are involved in the expansion of the currently sole hydropower storage project, Forbach. Our country holds significant potential for the expansion of hydropower storage, which we should actively tap into. 

With the storage strategy, we expect the regulatory framework regulatory framework to be optimized quickly, particularly regarding the approval processes, as well as targeted support for storage projects and legislative openness to all storage technologies. This is essential for the successful expansion of electricity storage in Germany, stable transmission grids, and emission-free energy supply.

ANDRITZ, as a global leading technology supplier for pumped storage systems, welcomes the discussion on storage strategy and actively contributes its expertise.

On the pumped storage strategy of the Federal Ministry: 


13/02/2024: Bildungsmesse 2024

This year, ANDRITZ Hydro GmbH will once again be represented at the education fair in the Oberschwabenhalle in Ravensburg and will be presenting itself to interested pupils and parents.

© Bildungsmesse Ravensburg

On the following days we will be available for you at booth F22 and will provide advice on the topics of training and dual studies:

- Friday, 23.02.2024 from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
- Saturday, 24.02.2024 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

We look forward to your visit!


05/12/2023: IHK Award Ceremony honoring Timon Schmid

We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to our employee, Timon Schmid, who successfully completed his training as a materials tester this year.


The award ceremony by the IHK Bodensee-Oberschwaben took place on November 14, 2023, at the Cultural and Congress Center in Weingarten, Germany. Mr. Schmid was honored alongside other award recipients from the region as one of the top apprentices and was presented with an award.

The evening, which featured delightful cuisine, a brass band performance, and a concluding act by the satirist Mike Jörg, was an all-around success. Mr. Schmid celebrated this achievement with his family and his mentors, Walter Hager and Dirk Haußmann.

We are pleased to be able to continue to employ Mr. Schmid after his training in the field of non-destructive material testing and wish him continued success.


23/11/2023: ANDRITZ to supply equipment for "green battery" Ebensee, Austria

International technology group ANDRITZ, a leading company in the field of energy and environmental technologies, has received an order from the Upper Austrian utility Energie AG to supply the electromechanical equipment for the new Ebensee pumped storage power plant.

View into the Rumitzgraben with photomontage of the upper reservoir

© Energie AG OÖ

This groundbreaking project not only marks the largest single investment by the energy utility, but also...



04/10/2023: Rencontres Business 2023 – Hydro Business Meetings

We will be again at the HYDRO 21 Rencontres Business.


Meet us on October 9 and 10, 2023, in Grenoble at booth D05.
The team is looking forward to discussions around this year’s conference topic: hydroelectricity, flexibility, and security.


27/09/2023: Small service - Great future!   

Long-term machine operations require regular overhauls and the replacement of smaller spare and wear parts to increase service life.


Not only to change major components, but to take action exactly where potential sources of error are located, requires besides detailed technical knowledge also the ability to practice good coordination management and open communication with customers. That way, downtimes can be minimized and existing plants upgraded in a technically future-oriented manner. 

Our employees' decades-long relationships with customers and power plants all over the world provide the knowledge that is essential for individual demands. 

We see the expansion of services and the enlargement of our team as a measure to cope with the increasing complexity of projects.  

Peter Fetscher has been coordinating our Small Service division since June 2023 and will be happy to take your inquiries: +49 751/29551-0, contact-hydro.de@andritz.com


25/09/2023: Angola – Largest hydropower plant now fully completed

With a capacity of more than 2 GW, Laúca is the largest hydroelectric power plant in Angola and the second biggest hydroelectric power facility in Africa.


Located nearly 300 km away from the capital city Luanda, the construction of the dam created a reservoir with an area of nearly 200 km² holding about 5.5 billion m³ of water.

Nearly a decade in development, construction on the Laúca hydropower plant started in July 2013. At the beginning of 2014, ANDRITZ was contracted to supply the complete electro-mechanical equipment of both powerhouses, the transformers, and the additional components for the switchyard.

The main powerhouse is over 270 m long and features six units designed, built and installed by ANDRITZ. Each unit has a rated power of 335 MW. A separate smaller powerhouse includes an ECO-flow unit which produces about 70 MW. 

The first turbine was commissioned in July 2017, with the sixth main  turbine starting operations in December 2020. In April 2023 the PAC (Preliminary Acceptance Certificate) for very last unit, the Eco Flow unit, was obtained, successfully completing a very large and challenging but extremely important project not only for ANDRITZ, but also for the owner and operator of the plant, Gabinete de Aproveitamento do Médio Kwanza (GAMEK). 

With a capacity of about 8.640 GWh per year, Laúca is the backbone of modern grid regulation in Angola providing enough electrical energy to meet the demand of about 8 million households. ANDRITZ is very proud to be contributing to this with its work supporting the development of clean, sustainable hydropower and plants such as the beautiful hydropower giant that is Laúca.


22/09/2023: Niederdruckwerk, BW, Germany - Hydropower for the Northern Black Forest

Commissioning machine 2, start manufacturing works on machine 1

© EnBW, Ingo Kamuf

In the Black Forest, downstream of the Schwarzenbach dam near the village of Forbach, Machine 2 of the run-of-river hydropower plant Niederdruckwerk was reconnected to the grid last month. 

The preceding six-month overhaul at our Ravensburg plant was one of our larger service orders handled at the Ravensburg location. 

In addition to the reconditioning of the horizontal Kaplan turbine with gearbox, the control systems, automation, and the hydraulic unit of the plant were brought up to the latest technical standard. The challenge was to find a balance between preservation and technical progress. On the one hand, a lot has happened technically since the first commissioning in 1965 and today. On the other hand, the value of the systems that have been in operation for more than half a century is beyond question. Consequently, the adaptations were carefully assessed, individually worked out and fitted into the overall concept with finesse.

The experience gained from the first order is now benefiting the other Niederdruckwerk machine. Its dismantling was started this month. Some of the components have already arrived in Ravensburg and are being processed in manufacturing. So, while very specific mechanical work is being carried out on the old components there, 500 m away as the crow flies, the project team is taking care of the design and implementation of the new Forbach plant, another contract placed by ENBW with ANDRITZ Hydro Ravensburg. The new pumped storage power station will start operation very close to Niederdruckwerk in 2027. The new machines will then complement ENBW's overall complex at the site - consisting of the individual power plants Schwarzenbach, Murgwerk, Niederdruckwerk, and Raumünzachwerk - and will significantly increase power generation with another 10 MW.


15/09/2023: ANDRITZ at the FACIM International Fair in Maputo, Mozambique

To present ANDRITZ as one of the key players in the Mozambican hydro market, ANDRITZ Germany participated at the International Fair in Maputo, Mozambique which took place from August 28th until September 3rd ,2023.


The exhibition of selected German companies had been organized by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action. The exhibition committee awarded the German pavilion, which included the ANDRITZ booth, as the best pavilion at FACIM 2023.

The trade show was attended by the President of Mozambique, His Excellency Filipe Jacinto Nyusi, and other high-ranking government representatives as well as the top management of Mozambican energy producers. In his speech the president referred to the government’s goal of positioning Mozambique as a leading producer of renewable energy in southern Africa to meet growing energy demand in the country and abroad. 

At an estimated 12,500 MW, Mozambique’s hydropower potential is among the largest in sub-Saharan Africa. More than 80 % of that potential is located in the Zambezi Valley, where the 2,075 MW Cahora Bassa hydropower plant is situated. 

ANDRITZ, with its leading technology in the hydropower industry, is ready and proud to support the development of Mozambique’s hydro power potential.


12/09/2023: ANDRITZ participating in expert event “vgbe | Congress 2023” in Berlin

Join us on September 20-21, 2023, in Berlin, Germany, at the vgbe Congress 2023.


At this exclusive event, industry experts from leading operating and manufacturing companies, as well as relevant stakeholders, will meet to discuss the topic of energy supply security. 

The question of how to address this and the associated challenges in the energy system of the future will be discussed.

One of the participants is Robert Neumann, Product Manager at ANDRITZ Hydro GmbH. His presentation "The impact of Variable Renewable Energy (VRE) on the power system stability – the renaissance of synchronous condensers" will cover the challenges transmission and distribution utilities are facing as a result of the transition from a synchronous generator dominated system to one dominated by inverters. He will also present how synchronous condensers are part of the solution to maintain the stability in the electricity grid.

We look forward to seeing you at this event where knowledge and networking come together. Secure your spot by registering here: https://register.vgbe.energy/90123/.


05/09/2023: Green Summer Tour 2023: Visit to ANDRITZ Hydro

We were delighted by the visit of the Green Party District Association from Ravensburg on August 30th, led by Ms. Roswitha Pohnert, to ANDRITZ Hydro.


In addition to providing an in-depth insight into the history of our Ravensburg site, which has been in operation since 1856, we had the opportunity to present the global role of hydropower as the largest renewable energy source. With the rapid expansion of renewable energy resources like solar and wind, the demand for pumped storage has increased. By the end of 2030, the International Hydropower Association (IHA) anticipates a newly installed capacity of more than 60 gigawatts (GW). Pumped storage is indispensable for the success of the energy transition, as they can act as significant energy storage to balance the production fluctuations of renewable energies. Thus, they contribute to stabilizing the grid ensuring a secure energy supply.

In Germany, there is substantial potential for both the construction of new construction and modernization of existing pumped storage plants. Numerous studies in recent years underline this potential, especially in the southern German states of Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria. To fully explout this potential, it's essential to simplify the complex regulations in the approval process and to actively promote the expansion of storage facilities, for example by exemption from grid charges. In addition, we discussed the role of small-scale hydropower as a flexible, decentralized, and grid-supporting source of electricity generation. Here, too, untapped potential and modernization of existing plants can make a contribution to decentralized energy supply while adhering to environmental regulations, especially in Baden-Württemberg.

The tour through our workshop provided participants with an opportunity to witness our impressive manufacturing processes. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the Green Party District Association in Ravensburg for their visit and the open dialogue regarding the challenges of the energy transition and the significant role of hydropower.


24/08/2023: Women in Research at ANDRITZ: Bachelor-Thesis about fish-friendly turbine design

In hydropower, environmental compatibility and efficiency play a crucial role.


At ANDRITZ, this commitment is not only demonstrated through decades of innovative research and development, but also through the contribution of women like our Ravensburg colleague and bachelor student, Ms. Eva Probst.

In her current Bachelor´s thesis, Ms. Probst is investigating two types of turbines: the Francis and Kaplan turbines (picture 2 and 3). Despite differences in design and operating range, there is an area of overlap in the use of both turbines (picture 4). This is exactly where our colleague starts, comparing both turbines in the same operating range with regard to their effects on the survival rates of fish (picture 5). The investigation is conducted using hydraulic calculations and numerical flow analysis (picture 6). The insights gained from this thesis will be incorporated into our planning, design, and operational practices going forward.

ANDRITZ has been committed to the research and development of environmentally friendly turbines for decades. The work of Ms. Probst and other female colleagues promotes diversity in our industry and contributes to improving the environmental compatibility of hydropower plants.


03/08/2023: Marcel Singler: Speaker on the ICC FIDIC

The upcoming ICCFIDIC conference in Paris, commencing on Thursday 12th October 2023, aims to provide participants with an update of the latest industry trends and developments and deliver real-world insights and specialist knowledge.


The session during which Marcel Singler will speak deals with Dispute Prevention. This session will discuss the current trends in dispute avoidance and how various tools can be used to prevent or minimise disputes. The session will also look at how dispute boards can assist the parties navigating through difficult times and examine lessons learned from recent and ongoing crises. The session is scheduled during the second half of Thursday’s morning programme.

To browse the full programme and register to attend, please visit: https://ow.ly/qZcb50OQib5

The session during which Marcel Singler will speak deals with Dispute Prevention. This session will discuss the current trends in dispute avoidance and how various tools can be used to prevent or minimise disputes. The session will also look at how dispute boards can assist the parties navigating through difficult times and examine lessons learned from recent and ongoing crises. The session is scheduled during the second half of Thursday’s morning programme.

To browse the full programme and register to attend, please visit: https://ow.ly/qZcb50OQib5


19/07/2023: 2nd Unlocking Industries – Hydrogen in Africa: Transforming Infrastructure & Partnerships

Very interesting panels and high-ranking delegations at the 2nd Hydrogen in Africa Forum from June 14th to 15th in Hamburg.


Our ANDRITZ Hydro team participated again on site.

It has been a great pleasure to see and discuss with delegations from African countries about their green hydrogen potential and strategy. Countries like Senegal, Morocco, South Africa, Namibia, Angola, and Kenya hold a great potential to become important partners in Europe´s energy transition in the medium and long term. It has become clear in the two days that the existing potential for renewable energies needs to be used to increase energy production first and producing hydrogen second.

Hydropower remains Africa´s most important and leading renewable energy resource over the past 100 years. With its extreme flexibility it can supply electricity 24hrs/day and the ambitious growth strategies in green hydrogen will significantly increase the demand for clean electricity sources such as hydropower. Today, almost half of the existing hydropower plants in Africa are older than 40 years and in need of modernization. The International Hydropower Association (IHA) estimates that about 2.4GW of power could be harnessed by restoring idle plants and upgrading others. 

This is the way forward to support the green hydrogen strategy of African countries.

Thanks to the Afrika-Verein for the great organization and making this event possible! 

14/07/2023: Roundtable Dinner with Ilan Goldfajn, President of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

Berlin – On June 20, a representative of ANDRITZ attended the Roundtable Dinner with Mr. Ilan Godlfajn, President of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), and Parliamentary State Secretary Nils Annen from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). 


Mr. Goldfajn presented the priorities of the IDB in Latin America and the Caribbean and, at the beginning, welcomed the intensified cooperation with Germany. In the future, renewable energies and hydrogen will be priority areas of focus, along with social topics, digitalization, and food security. Hydropower will continue to play a significant role in energy supply and is already responsible for almost half of the region's electricity generation. A study by the IDB and International Hydropower Association (IHA) estimates that over 70 GW of hydropower capacity will need to be upgraded in the region in the medium term. In addition to providing flexibility, hydropower contributes to the integration of renewable energies such as wind and solar power.

ANDRITZ has been facing the challenges of the hydropower market for more than 100 years and has supplied, installed, and modernized over 160 GW during this time. Today, we have subsidiaries or production sites in Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, and Venezuela. Sincere thanks go to the Agency for Economic and Development (AWE) for the excellent organization.


10/07/2023: First spherical valves for PSP Dinorwig in Wales reached final destination

With a pressure test in the presence of the customer, the factory acceptance test of the first of six spherical valves for Dinorwig was successfully completed at our manufacturing facility in Ravensburg, Germany, in the autumn of 2022.


In April 2023, the first two spherical valves, which set out in January and February, arrived safely at their destination. An important milestone for the customer First Hydro Company and the ANDRITZ project team.

With 160 tons and imposing dimensions, the components are no lightweights and were transported by heavy haulage and special measures over the night roads and over sea.

The six units of Dinorwig have a total installed capacity of 1,728 MW. The pumped storage plant plays a vital role in ensuring the stability of the British power grid. The spherical valves, as shut-off devices, control the flow of water to the power plant. What this means is made clear by history: the hydraulic upstream system of the previous spherical valves was never completed drained down during their entire 40 years of operation to maintain the availability of the power station.

The design of the new components was specifically developed to meet the requirements of everyday operation. In addition, ANDRITZ's all-in-one Metris platform will provide condition-based and predictive information on the status and maintenance intervals of the installed machine parts.

The installation of the spherical valves is already underway, and they will be commissioned in sequence. ANDRITZ is proud to make an important contribution to making Dinorwig fit for the future with the new spherical valves.


04/07/2023: Pumped Storage - Leveraging the Energy Transition

We recently had the opportunity, at the invitation of Konrad Stockmeier (FDP), to discuss the significant role of pumped storage in the energy system. The discussion took place during a parliamentary breakfast on June 13th with members of the VDMA working group on pumped storage.


Our focus was on examining the current regulatory framework in Germany regarding the planning, approval, and operation of pumped storage.

Considering the increasing global significance of pumped storage and its vital contribution to decarbonizing the energy system, we agree that the regulatory conditions for energy storage in Germany require substantial improvement.

There remains untapped potential for modernization, expansion and even the construction of new pumped storage facilities, which we must seize to further advance the energy transition in Germany.

We look forward to continuing this important discussion.


15/06/2023: Visit of Parliamentary State Secretary Dr. Franziska Brantner at ANDRITZ Hydro

We were delighted by the visit of State Secretary Dr. Franziska Brantner to the location of ANDRITZ Hydro in Ravensburg on May 31st, 2023.


Together, we discussed the role of pumped storage in the rapid expansion of renewable energy, based on current projects implemented worldwide from Ravensburg. Pumped storage plays a crucial role in the energy transition, as it contributes to the integration of renewable energies and ensures energy supply security. By serving as large energy stores, pumped storage facilities contribute to the stabilization of the grid and ensure a reliable energy supply. To fully leverage the existing potential in Germany, it is important to simplify the complex regulatory requirements in the approval process and specifically promote the expansion of energy storage.

Furthermore, we discussed the solutions and technologies offered by ANDRITZ Separation for sustainable beneficiation of critical raw materials Cobalt and Nickel using centrifuges and filter presses. These innovative solutions help minimize the environmental impact of extracting materials used for electro mobility.

The ANDRITZ GROUP provides sustainable solutions and products to achieve decarbonization goals and promote the sustainable utilization of resources.


31/05/2023: Business Forum ANGOLA

Berlin - With a high-level delegation led by the Minister of Economy and Planning, Mr. Mário Augusto Caetano João, the forum proved to be a very interesting event.


Angola's desire to further grow economically was extensively discussed, as the Minister highlighted during his presentation that the country has intensified its efforts to diversify its economy and attract foreign investors.

In the energy sector, the government aims to increase the share of renewable energy capacity while reducing dependence on fossil fuels. Therefore, the country will remain focused on hydropower as a key element in the strategy of the power sector. By 2025 the expected capacity will be 6.6 GW. 

ANDRITZ is very proud supporting this goal and has provided the entire electromechanical scope for Laúca, the second biggest hydropower plant in Africa, with a total capacity of 2,070 MW, enough to supply about 8 million Angolan households. Thanks to the Angolan embassy, Afrika-Verein, DIHK and AHK Angola for their excellent organization.


18/05/2023: Our new employees at ANDRITZ in Ravensburg

Welcome to Andritz Hydro Ravensburg Joshua Summer, Evelyn Braunagel, Özgün Akgün, Maximilian Lustig, Abdelhaq Dadi and Qendrim Xhafa!


We are happy to welcome them to the ANDRITZ Hydro departments Compact Hydro, Manufacturing Plant Management and Controlling, and wish you a successful start.

You’re currently looking for a new professional challenge? Please follow the link to our job board ANDRITZ AG Jobs.

We’re looking forward to your application!


08/05/2023: Illerstaustufe 7 - Maria Steinach, Unterallgäu, Germany
Completion of Rehab Unit 4

About one year after the last machine, also unit 4 of Illerstaustufe 7hydropower plant will be back into the grid by August this year. 


This marks the end of the five-year series of straflo turbine rehabs carried out by ANDRITZ for the power plant in Maria Steinach. Starting with unit 2 in 2018, three turbines from LEW Wasserkraft were dismantled one after the other, brought to Ravensburg and overhauled at our local manufacturing facility. Back in the grid, they will be fully operational from August onwards, prepared for the future - and ready to produce green electricity from hydropower.


02/05/2023: ANDRITZ HYDRO at the VOLTA-X trade fair

Stuttgart - ANDRITZ HYDRO participated in the international trade fair VOLTA-X from 28 - 30 March,2023.


The trade fair, which was held for the first time, served as an energy platform for products, services, and solutions and welcomed more than 4,000 trade visitors in its first year. On the initiative of the Association of Energy Storage Systems (BVES), we organized a joint stand on the topic of pumped storage together with EnBW, Illwerke, Vattenfall and Voith Hydro. In addition to numerous discussions on the role of pumped storage with representatives from business, science and politics, our colleague Stefan Erath gave a presentation in the "best practice area" on the international relevance of pumped storage based on our current projects. The focus was on the importance of pumped storage in the international energy transition and decarbonization of the electricity market.


25/04/2023: Tashirogawa Daiichi, Japan – Refurbishment of Horizontal Twin Pelton turbine unit

In February 2023, ANDRITZ K.K. was awarded a contract from TEPCO Renewable Power, Inc. to supply a hydro power generation system for Tashirogawa Daiichi Power Plant, which generates electricity using water taken from the upper stream of the Oi River in Shizuoka Prefecture.

© TEPCO Renewable Power, Inc.

The project objective is to upgrade..



24/04/2023: Donation handover for social project in Ravensburg

Since the refurbishment of the small water turbine "Obermühle" and the subsequent commissioning in 2013, the electricity generated is fed into the energy grid and thus "sold".


If one converts the electricity generated by the turbine to date to households, approximately 200 four-person households have since been supplied with environmentally friendly energy for one year.

Since last year, extensive renovation work has been carried out by the city of Ravensburg on the more than 700-year-old turbine canal. This has led to a significant reduction in the amount of water available. At times, only 40% of the usual amount of water was available, hence correspondingly less energy could be generated. When the renovation work is completed this year, the volume flow can probably be increased to the former level again.

As in previous years, the proceeds from the sale of electricity primarily benefit social projects in Ravensburg. This year, a donation will go to "Power Bridge Oberschwaben", directly supporting refugees from Ukraine both locally and here in Ravensburg. With the donated 3,000 Euros, the team around Florian Burk can purchase urgently needed things to support people in Ukraine or Ukrainians who have fled to Ravensburg.


18/04/2023: Guided factory tour with IHK Bodensee-Oberschwaben at ANDRITZ Hydro Ravensburg, Germany

Last week, members of the plenary assembly of the IHK Bodensee-Oberschwaben visited our premises.


Many thanks to 25 committed entrepreneurs and leaders for their huge interest in our products! 

We hope we were able to convey a lot of interesting information on the topics of hydropower, sustainable energy production and the manufacturing of exceptional components during the presentation of our company and the tour through our manufacturing facility.

Pls. find here the link to IHK Bodensee-Oberschwaben.


11/04/2023: Equipment for Children Ski School in Tajikistan

Tajikista: ANDRITZ site team from Nurek HPP visited children Ski School of Safed Dara - with a great and heavy surprise in luggage!


The idea to support a winter sport project for children was born from a donation of ANDRITZ to the Austria-Tajikistan Society, a bilateral organisation under the “Federation of Austrian-Foreign Societies – PaN”- before the outbreak of covid-19. 

In cooperation with the Extreme Ski Team Austria, ski and sports equipment was organised for supporting the ski school, sponsoring of local activities and local social institutions. Finally, about 100 kg of ski equipment (carving, racing, touring skis, helmets, boots, poles, etc.) was sent from Austria into the high mountains of Tajikistan, 2.590 m above sea level.

The ski school is the only one of this type in the whole country. Owned by the government it is free to attend as the purpose for its foundation in 1973 was to attract children of residents to winter sports. Despite serious deficits in everyday school life due to shortage of equipment and a big number of students needing to be supported, today the school can boast great successes! The recent participation in Asian Children's Olympiad in Russia resulted in a gold medal. 

We hope that the trend will continue and gain even more traction through our support. All the best and much success for the future!


06/04/2023: Business Roundtable Bhutan 

Berlin - Very interesting exchange with high-ranking delegation from Bhutan led by the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Bhutan, Dr. Lotay Tshering.


During the first official visit to Germany, we had the opportunity to discuss in detail the future energy strategy of Bhutan and especially the importance of hydropower. 

With more than 118,000 GWh, Bhutan has significant hydropower potential and is committed to expanding capacity in the coming years. ANDRITZ supplied the first equipment to Bhutan more than 20 years ago and has successfully installed more than 22 units to date. Together with our local partner - Druk Green Power Corp (DGPC) - we have also established facility (Bhutan Automation) for the manufacturing of automation systems. 

We are proud to support the Government of Bhutan in implementing its energy strategy. Our thanks go to Managing Director Julia Braune and her team from German Trade and Invest (GTAI) for the excellent organization.


03/04/2023: School visit in our manufacturing facility in Ravensburg

Safety waistcoats on and go - was the motto on March 10 for school class 9C of the Otto-Lilienthal-Realschule, Wilhelmsdorf.


Together with their teacher, Mr Gerster-Hartmann, the pupils visited our production facility in Ravensburg. 

The study of regenerative energies in class made it easy for the pupils to delve deeply into the topic on site. In the theoretical part before the tour, the function of hydropower was elaborated, and a look was taken at the various power plants and types of turbines. 

In the workshop, various runners and the techniques used to manufacture them could then be viewed up close. Our manufacturing machines and equipment as well as the presentation of non-destructive testing techniques rounded off the morning. 

We would like to thank the 9C for their great cooperation and Mr Gerster-Hartmann for the professional preparation in class. And who knows, maybe we will be able to welcome one or the other of today's students here as an apprentice or as student in a few years' time. We would be delighted.


28/03/2023: German-Japanese Business Dialogue in Tokyo

Olaf Scholz, the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, travelled to Tokyo - Japan on 18 March 2023 together with six cabinet members for the first German-Japanese government consultations. 


One aim of the political talks was to give new impetus to the economic relations between the two countries. As part of the German business delegation, ANDRITZ, represented by Managing Director Dominik Fust, took part in economic talks with leading Japanese companies and government representatives. In the future, Japan wants to become more independent in critical sectors such as raw materials and energy infrastructure. At the same time, cooperation with partner countries from the Group of Seven (G7) is to be intensified. The talks served to identify common interests in the areas of raw materials, energy, and IT or in the development of new export markets. 

The ANDRITZ Group offers technologically high-quality solutions for all these topics and has been accepted by several Japanese clients through ANDRITZ K.K. in recent months, especially in the field of small hydropower.


22/03/2023: Prem and Dessau, Germany – New orders for renewal and modernization

New orders for renewal of digital turbine governors and modernization of roller pumps


With "Prem" and "Dessau", ANDRITZ received two particular orders from UNIPER at the beginning of the year. In addition to the renewal of the digital turbine governors in the two power stations on the Lech, the control/roller pumps of the machine sets will also be modernized. These durable pumps are, among other things, used for adjusting the runner blades and guide vanes and were originally supplied by ANDRITZ. Construction of the power stations started in Dessau in 1963, in Prem in 1968. 

Upon receipt of the orders, ANDRITZ started to revise and modernize the technical concept of the turbine governors’ oil hydraulic which is largely integrated into the machine technology. In this process engineering and manufacturing teams are working closely together. What makes the team particularly happy is that even retired colleagues offered their additional support. A nice start at the beginning of the year - with technology that connects - in the current case, not only departments, but even generations.


01/03/2023: We welcome our new employees to the location!

Welcome to ANDRITZ HYDRO Ravensburg Joshua Tholen, Ben Riegger, Hubert Schmid, Sasa Askovic, Marc Arnold and David Gaiser!


We are happy to welcome you to the departments Compact Hydro, Shop Assembly and Engineering, and wish you a successful start.

You’re currently looking for a new professional challenge? Please follow the job link.

We’re looking forward to your application!


28/02/2023: Pumped Storage Plant Wehr, Germany – Another contract for generator rehabilitation

We are honored to be trusted with another generator rehabilitation at the pumped storage plant Wehr in Germany.

© Schluchseewerke AG

After the successful commissioning of generator unit..



17/02/2023: Pha Chuk, Thailand – Successfully handover

The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) reports that it has completed the handover ceremony for the 14 MW Pha Chuk Dam Hydropower Plant.


The power plant, on the Nan River, houses two ANDRITZ Bulb turbines, each with a capacity of 7 MW. 

While commercial operation already had started on 30 Sep. 2022, the formal opening ceremony was held just recently on 18 Jan. 2023. 

This hydropower project once more showcases that hydropower is not only a reliable source for green energy - in this case avoiding the equivalent of 45,000 tons of CO2 emissions, each year! – but hydropower also helps manage water supply and controls floods for the benefit of neighboring and downstream agricultural users.


03/02/2023: Bildungsmesse 2023

We are happy to participate in the training fair again!


This year, ANDRITZ Hydro GmbH will again be represented at the training fair in the Oberschwabenhalle in Ravensburg and will present itself to interested students and parents.

We will be available for you at booth F20 on the following days:

- Friday, 10.02.2023 from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
- Saturday, 11.02.2023 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

We are looking forward to your visit!


25/01/2023: Sponsoring of equipment for ski school in Tajikistan

When working on a site, sponsoring of local activities and local social institutions is very important for ANDRITZ.

© Extreme Ski Team Austria

Hence, when we were approached by the Austria-Tajikistan Society and Extreme Ski Team Austria for support of their children ski school project in Tajikistan, we were happy to help. 

With our support, about 100 kg of ski equipment (carving, racing, touring skis, helmets, boots, poles, etc.) could be prepared for transport from Austria to the Safed Dara elementary and secondary school and ski school, about an hour from the capital Dushanbe, in the high mountains of Tajikistan. But the help did not end with the money donation, we were happy to also support the transport of the ski equipment over 6,000 km to Tajikistan and could thus help to bring progress to the ski school project. 

ANDRITZ is currently undertaking the rehabilitation of the 3,400 MW Nurek hydropower plant the largest hydropower plant in Central Asia to date, covering 70% of the national electricity demand as well as to support the client that he is able to provide the neighborhood countries like Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan with renewable energy.

We were pleased to support this initiative, which is an important support of the youth and next generations in the beautiful mountains of Central Asia.


12/01/2023: Ialy Expansion Hydropower Plant – Successful turbine model test

The Vietnam Electricity (EVN) and ANDRITZ have organized the test of the turbine model for the Ialy Hydropower Plant Extension Project in December 2022.


The test results show that..



11/01/2023: Modernization pump storage plant Forbach, Germany

In April 2022, ANDRITZ and EnBW signed a contract for the supply, installation, and commissioning of the 50 MW pump turbine with generator and all necessary auxiliaries for the pump storage power plant Forbach.

© EnBW

In mid-December, ANDRITZ received the order for the first project phase. Together with a frequency converter, which is tendered as a separate lot, this machine set offers a very wide operating range and the flexibility to respond quickly to demands from the power grid.

In turbine mode, the set of machines is driven by water from the Schwarzenbachsee, formed by the existing Schwarzenbach-barrage. This water will be stored downstream in a new cavern storage to be pumped back into the Schwarzenbachsee with surplus energy out of the grid later. 

The construction of the Rudolf-Fettweis-Werk in Forbach started in the year 1914. Since 1918, with the three turbines of the Murgwerk and since 1926 with the two turbine sets of the Schwarzenbachwerk, the plant has made an important contribution to the generation of sustainable and renewable energy.

After about one century of reliable service, these turbine sets are now to be decommissioned and the historical power plant building, together with its penstock running along the mountain, shall be preserved.

These machines will be replaced by a 50 MW variable speed pump turbine and three additional turbine sets of 13 MW, 5 MW and 0.8 MW each, which will be housed in a new cavern power plant located in the mountain.

This a an important and technologically highly interesting order for ANDRITZ as this will be another one of the few variable-speed pump turbines operated worldwide to date – especially with full size frequency converter.


08/12 2022: German- Tajik Business Forum

Very interesting two days in Berlin and Hamburg with a high-ranked governmental and business delegation from Tajikistan under the lead of the First Deputy Prime Minister Davlatali Said.


With mountains covering more than 90% of the country, Tajikistan has an estimated hydropower potential of 527 TWh, thereof only 4% is exploited. The government plans to increase the total hydro generation capacity from presently  5.7 GW to 10 GW until 2030. 

With the rehabilitation of the NUREK hydropower station, the largest hydropower plant in Central Asia, ANDRITZ is supporting the safeguarding of electricity supply in Tajikistan and Central Asia. After completion of this modernization project, the available capacity of presently 2,400 MW will be increased to over 3,300 MW.


18/11 2022: Nurek, Tajikistan - President officially puts first machine into operation

The founder of peace and national unity and leader of the nation, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Emomali Rahmon, visited the construction site of the NUREK hydropower station and commissioned the first successfully rehabilitated machine set A/#1 on October 24, 2022.


The President was informed about the progress of the project to rehabilitate this huge hydropower station and was more than satisfied with ANDRITZ's professional rehabilitation work. He also pointed out that with ANDRITZ, European technology and the latest hydraulic developments will be applied in Nurek, and the power plant's capacity will be increased to 3,400 MW after rehabilitation, which corresponds to an additional set of machines in the hydropower plant (plus 375 MW). 

The implementation of the rehabilitation project for the Nurek power plant began in March 2019 with the inauguration by the honorable President of the Republic of Tajikistan.

The project includes two phases. In the first phase, three sets of machinery will be rehabilitated, and in the second phase, six sets of machinery will be rehabilitated. In this connection, the auxiliary equipment of the hydropower plant, the underground complex, dam panels and the control and monitoring system will be completely renewed, 27 cranes and elevators will be replaced by new equipment. At the present celebrations on October 24, 2022, machine set A/#1 with a capacity of 375 MW was officially restarted by Head of State E. Rahmon after completed overhaul and successful reliability run. By pressing a push button and placing a coin on the generator cover, he confirmed that the machine set meets the requirements for smooth running and vibration.
Currently, the dismantling of the second machine set B/#4 of the hydropower plant is in progress. The installation of the new generator stator and rotor from the second machine set has already made considerable progress and all work is on schedule. 

For the first three machine sets of phase 1, ANDRITZ has already sent almost all components required for the refurbishment to the plant. For the upcoming project phase 2, deliveries for a total of six additional machine sets are to be transported. However, due to the military conflict between Russia and the Ukraine, which has been ongoing since February 2022, the very important transport routes for heavy and extra-wide transports are considerably restricted or can no longer be used. This concerns, for example, the important route across the Black Sea through the Sea of Azov, then by means of the DON WOLGA Canal to the Caspian Sea and then by truck transport across Kazakh territory further to Nurek. The reason is that a large part of the route is located on Russian territory and may therefore no longer be used due to the international sanctions against Russia. ANDRITZ is currently trying to secure further deliveries to Nurek via other variants or routes.


16/11/2022: VIENNAHYDRO 2022 – a review

After a long time without any face-to-face meetings due to the COVID pandemic, the whole Hydro community of Austria and the neighboring countries was looking forward to meeting each other at the traditional Seminar on Hydropower Plants –known as Viennahydro. 


This year, about 220 representatives..



08/11 2022: Jubilarians at ANDRITZ HYDRO GmbH

During a celebratory reception on October 7, 2022, at the Veitsburg in Ravensburg, ANDRITZ Hydro honored the jubilarians from 2020, 2021, and 2022 for 25 years and 40 years of employment.


The jubilarians enjoyed the celebration greatly with very good food and musical entertainment. 

The managing directors Gerhard Kriegler and Dominik Fust thanked the jubilarians and all colleagues who work for the company with high motivation and thus make the success of the company possible. It speaks for a good corporate culture to honor longstanding employees again and again.


31/10 2022: ICOE-OEE 2022 – Ocean energy - The future is now!

On October 18 - 20, 2022 the Ocean Energy Europe and the International Conference on Ocean Energy held their flagship event in Donostia / San Sabastian in the Basque Country, Spain.


The event gathered ocean energy professionals and decision-makers from all around the world, offering an unparalleled opportunity for the sector to showcase its successes, to network and to do business.

ANDRITZ attended to meet both customers and suppliers, and to participate in the panel session ‘Tech Showcase – Tidal ready for take-off’. Here the company’s Craig Love presented ANDRITZ’s technical and commercial offering for the next generation of commercial tidal arrays, based upon its Mk2 instream tidal technology.

ANDRITZ is aware of the role that ocean energy can play in the future and contributes to the development of trendsetting concepts. 


20/10 2022: Gulpur, Pakistan – Festive inauguration ceremony

On September 28th, 2022, the inauguration ceremony of the 102 MW Gulpur run-of-river plant in Pakistan was held at site in the in the state of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Pakistan.


The ceremony was chaired by Mr. Qamar Zaman Kaira (Advisor to the Prime Minister on Kashmir Affairs & Gilgit-Baltistan) and was co-chaired by Mr. Kim Hoe Chun (CEO, KOEN). Moreover, the ceremony was attended by almost 475 guests including project sponsors, lenders, advisors, representatives of the Pakistan government, the government of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, and the local community.

The owner, Mira Power Ltd. – a special purpose company of the Korea Southeast Power Company Limited (KOEN) – entered the turnkey EPC contract with Daelim/Lotte. ANDRITZ signed the contract with the Korean Joint Venture Daelim/Lotte for the supply of electromechanical and hydro-mechanical equipment in December 2015. The contract scope for ANDRITZ comprised the entire electro-mechanical and hydro-mechanical equipment for the power plant including two vertical Kaplan turbine-generator sets with a power output of 51 MW / 64.7 MVA each, as well as complete plant control and automation and electrical power systems, and auxiliary equipment. Design, manufacturing, test, supply, installation, and commissioning as well as training for the nominated O&M team rounded out the contract.

ANDRITZ mobilized the site in April 2016. Energization of the interconnection facilities took place in November 2019 and synchronization was completed in February 2020. After the reliability run test was also successfully completed, the power plant started commercial operation in March 2020. ANDRITZ is proud to state that as of 30-Sep-2022, we had 1,390,470 safe man hours without LTI (Lost Time Injury).

Gulpur is helping to improve the stability of the Pakistani national grid with the use of green energy from hydropower. ANDRITZ is proud to be part of this project.

Read more about the project.

Project details: 
Total output: 102MW
Scope: 2 x 51 MW Kaplan
Net Head: 56.7 m
Dam: H: 66.5 m, L: 205 m
Design flow: 201 m3/sec
Tunnel length: 2 x 160.3m


07/10 2022: Hatta, Dubai, UAE - Southern German heavyweights on their way to the United Arab Emirates

In the last two years, two spherical valves were manufactured for the "Hatta" project in our Ravensburg manufacturing facility.


Spherical valves are used as shut-off devices in hydroelectric power plants. They control the flow of water to the turbines.  

Since the beginning of August 2022, the two Ravensburg specimens have been on their way to their final destination in the United Arab Emirates. The Hatta pumped storage plant consists of two pump turbines and has a total capacity of 250 MW.  

Due to the high transport weight of 114 t and transport dimensions of (L x W x H) 5.9 m x 5.2 m x 5.3 m per spherical valve, the transport is a great logistical challenge and had to be prepared thoroughly and in detail. Numerous obstacles along the way made precise planning necessary: a road survey was carried out to evaluate which narrow sections had to be partially covered with slabs and which traffic signs had to be dismantled. Elevating platforms are used to turn away traffic lights in difficult places. No easy undertaking. 

From Heilbronn harbor, the transport takes place by sea. At first, it goes by inland waterway vessel to Antwerp. The current problem of low water means that no further loads may be taken on board. This is the only way to ensure that the ship can safely transport the two heavyweights with their total weight of 228 t. From Antwerp, a charter ship is used for sea freight to the deep-water port of Jebel Ali in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. After the last piece of transport on land, the spherical valves will reach their final destination within October. We wish them a safe journey! 


27/09 2022: Hamburg - successful participation in the SSM 

From September 6 to 9, 2022, the first #SMM "Shipbuilding, Machinery & Marine Technology" took place, again with face-to-face meetings. .


Hamburg is a great city in itself, and the maritime trade fair #SMM has always been remarkable in capturing currents, trends, winds and the general mood in the industry.

Customers, suppliers, business partners - more than 2,000 exhibitors and 30,000 visitors were happy to be live in conversation again. New projects and contacts, exchanging, networking and generating ideas - the #SMM 2022 has definitely fulfilled expectations so far.


16/09 2022: Pha Chuk - defying the pandemic with well proven design and experience

These days in Thailand, a project execution under special conditions is coming to an end.


Shortly after the contract for Pha Chuk was signed, the pandemic began to spread, presenting the customer, subcontractors and the project team in Ravensburg with challenges never encountered before. The two 7.3 MW bulb turbines are among the largest in our Compact product range. Identical turbines are already being operated in Rothleiten, Austria since several years. Another project is located in Kuhankoski, Finland, where ANDRITZ is currently working on completion. 

As a result, Andritz could rely on a well proven technical design and experienced staff. Aspects that paid off and met the difficult conditions in all respects.

We now wish our commissioning specialists on site a successful final phase and our customer a good start to regular operation!


07/09 2022: ANDRITZ receives contract to deliver electro-mechanical equipment and technical services for Ialy hydropower plant extension project, Vietnam

International technology group ANDRITZ has received an order from Vietnam Electricity (EVN), a leading economic group in the energy sector in Vietnam, to supply the complete electro-mechanical equipment and technical services for the Ialy hydropower plant extension project located in Sa Thay district, Kon Tum province, and Chu Pah district, Gia Lai province, in Vietnam.


With the installation of the expansion, the total installed capacity of the Ialy hydropower plant will be increased by more than 30 % to 1,080 MW. The project is expected to be completed in 2025.

Read more in the press release


19/08 2022: ANDRITZ at FILDA in Luanda, Angola

The 37th edition of the Luanda International Trade Fair FILDA (Feira internacional de Luanda) - the biggest industrial event in Angola - took place at Zona Economica Especial in Catete from July 16th to 20th,2022.


The presence of more than 600 national and foreign exhibitors from 15 countries such as Portugal, Germany, South Africa, Italy, and Spain showed the high interest of the economy in this event. 

ANDRITZ participated at FILDA as part of a joint company booth of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and was honored by the visit of the German Ambassador Stefan Traumann.

This year’s highlight was a special session dedicated to young entrepreneurs who play a relevant role in the process of diversifying the economy, promoting innovation and human, organizational and technological development in Angola.



12/08 2022: Good news out of Africa - Stortemelk Hydro, South Africa

Good news out of South Africa reached the project management in Ravensburg by last week.


Since 2016, Serengeti Energy has been generating hydroelectric power there with a compact axial turbine from Ravensburg, located in southern Germany near the Lake of Constance.

Between the project start back in autumn 2014 and the unit handover to the customer there were many months of development, engineering and production. The long distance and the language challenges made the "Stortemelk" project a complex undertaking at times. 

"Stortemelk" is part of South Africa's commitment to provide 3,725 MW of electricity annually from wind, solar, and hydro power. Despite its compact dimensions, the CAT 2350/55 is a highly effective unit and designed to contribute 4.4 MW of energy. 

This target value depends on various factors that arise during the operation of the system. Not all of them can be easily influenced. That makes the return of technical data from monitoring so important and interesting- especially in the first years of operation. This year, as in the previous ones, the tables and diagrams were eagerly awaited by the colleagues who worked on the turbine. After a slight delay and at the request of the former project manager, the feedback came, which put the former project team in high spirits: between July 2016 and March 2022, the availability of Stortemelk was a proud 99.3 %. The amount of electricity generated by the turbine was even 109.9 % compared to the planned generation. These values are impressive and reward the team for many a challenge! 


20/07 2022: Company excursion to the pump storage plant „Glems“/Metzingen

Eye to eye with Technology
The green machine, which our colleague Klaus is regarding with high interest on Picture 1, is the house turbine of the pump storage plant Glems.


In spite of its compact size (650 kW power by 1500 U/min) the machine ensures the emergency operation and the "black start" capability of the plant in Metzingen in a technical highly efficient way. 

For the tour group that accepted the invitation of our customer EnBW last Wednesday, the opportunity of a "return visit" after the overhaul of the M1+M2 machine sets at our ANDRITZ mill in Ravensburg was a stroke of luck. Although all travelers participate in one way or another in the creation of hydroelectric power plants, rather few of us regularly experience a plant in the sometimes quite spectacular operation. That explains the mix of the colleagues from various departments such as IT, manufacturing, construction, the secretariats etc. who were pleased about this opportunity.

By the way, the visit of the power plant Glems is also possible for private persons approximately as from Juli 2022. In case of interest dates can be booked on the homepage of EnBW.

EnBW | Buchungsportal für Kraftwerksbesichtigungen: Home  

(German version)



06/07 2022: Nurek, Tajikistan – First successful grid synchronization after rehabilitation

The synchronization of the first fully rehabilitate unit with the Tajik power grid was successfully carried out on June 19, 2022, following the successful filling of the penstock in May 2022, when all installation milestones were achieved.


This is a big milestone in the project as the unit is now producing electricity based on renewable energy and providing it to the national Tajik grid. This enables the government to fulfill their energy delivery contracts to Uzbekistan and Afghanistan.

The unit produced its full power of 375 MW on June 25, 2022, for the first time after finalization of the load rejection tests. The residual wet tests under load are ongoing. The unit can be handed over to our client, Barqi Tojik for commercial operation and the reliability run as scheduled at the beginning of July 2022. 

With 3,420 MW, Nurek is the largest hydropower station in Central Asia. ANDRITZ is proud to be entrusted with the rehabilitation of this important hydropower station.


22/06 2022: ANDRITZ at the 15th German African Energy Forum in Hamburg 

Bravo! After 2 years we from ANDRITZ participated again - live and on site - in the 15th German African Energy Forum in Hamburg.


It has been a great pleasure to see and discuss with delegations from 34 African countries. Hydropower remains Africa´s most important renewable energy resource. With its extreme flexibility it can supply electricity or store it to meet real-time energy needs. This is the way forward to support the integration of other renewable energy sources in Africa. 

Thanks to the Afrika-Verein for the great organization and making this event possible!


13/06 2022: Career Fair in Ravensburg - in search of junior staff

At the beginning of May the ANDRITZ Hydro participated in the career fair in Ravensburg.


A great number of visitors were welcomed by employees of the human resources department, technical service and engineering.

They were pleased to have interesting discussions regarding the topics "education, practica, final theses as well as career".

The fair day was very successful due to the vivid and informative exchange between a number of students, visitors and ANDRITZ employees.

We are already looking forward to the next fairs having the possibility to get into contact with junior staff in order to recruit them for our company.


03/06 2022: Inconspicuous in use - powerful in effect. Oil-hydraulic power units in hydropower

In the complex interaction of the technical components of a hydropower plant, oil-hydraulic power units are used in many ways.


Bevel turbines, which are often used by our customers in the small hydro sector, are controlled by these units. Often, the constant load and the highly dynamic use in everyday life are confronted with one of the highest demands on reliability. After all, only with a functioning control system uninterrupted power generation is guaranteed. 

The overhaul and modernization of the oil-hydraulic power units has long been standard practice at ANDRITZ in Ravensburg. In cooperation with our customers, the service team first works out the appropriate solution for each case. Evaluations of orders from recent years show that repair costs are often only slightly lower than a new procurement. In these cases, a complete exchange is often the more sensible solution, as the new unit has new and improved features in addition to the cost-efficiency factor. Our ANDRITZ internal warehouse logistics for the associated spare parts significantly shortens the delivery time in the event of damage. In addition, the training period for our technicians on the plant is eliminated.

The new units also score points in terms of sustainability, as they no longer use contaminated paints and the oil pans comply with the requirements of the Water Resources Act - for the protection of our environment!


26/05 2022: Before - After of an ANDRITZ "Escher Wyss" Controllable Pitch Propeller

We look back on more than 70 years of successful controllable pitch propellers from Ravensburg during which hundreds of controllable pitch propeller systems were overhauled and refloated in Ravensburg.


While not all vessels reach the biblical age of the MS Etzel (the MS Etzel has been sailing on Lake Zurich since 1934 with the first Swiss Escher Wyss controllable pitch propeller), there are many references for Escher Wyss controllable pitch propellers with 40 or more years of operation.
With proper maintenance, care and a general overhaul required after a certain period of time, nothing stands in the way of such a long operating life. 
Similar to a Swiss quality watch, the propeller is completely disassembled, cleaned and fitted with new wear parts at important points. This requires specialists with years of experience and excellent expertise to perform this work quickly and accurately. 
The pictures show a typical controllable pitch propeller in the state of arrival at workshop, in the state of reassembly and after successful overhaul. A typical patient that, after a successful wellness treatment in the ANDRITZ Hydro Ravensburg halls, is back in service as good as new. 



18/05 2022: Visit by State Secretary Baumann to PSW Wehr, Germany

Together with Schluchseewerk AG, Voith Hydro and the VDMA, we welcomed State Secretary Dr. André Baumann to the Wehr pumped storage power plant on 9 May 2022.


With a total capacity of 910 MW, the pumped storage plant is one of the most powerful power plants of Schluchseewerk AG and the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg in Germany.

After a guided tour by the CEO of Schluchseewerk AG, Nicolas Römer, the participants discussed the role of hydropower and especially pumped storage technology in the German energy transition. Pumped storage power plants can make a decisive contribution to the German energy transition and support the optimal integration and use of solar and wind energy.

At the end of 2021, ANDRITZ Hydro successfully commissioned the world's most powerful motor-generator of horizontal design with air cooling in Wehr. At the beginning of 2022, we received a follow-up order for the B10 machine set of same design.

With ANDRITZ Hydro in Ravensburg and Voith Hydro in Heidenheim, two of the world's leading manufacturers of electro-mechanical equipment for hydropower are located in Baden-Wuerttemberg.


13/05 2022: Nurek, Tajikistan – Largest spherical valve of the world ready for installation

After refurbishment of the world largest spherical valve (D=4200mm) with a remarkable total weight of 780 tons, it was ready to be lifted down on its foundation by end of April 2022.


Due to the high demand of energy production in Tajikistan and energy delivery contracts with their neighborhood countries Afghanistan and Uzbekistan, there are left only 10 days for the remaining works until the wet commissioning of the unit A#1 can start. This poses an interesting challenge, meaning that the works on-site are necessary 24 hours / 7 days a week.

With 3,420 MW, Nurek is the largest hydropower plant in Central Asia. Setting world records with top-tier technology, ANDRITZ is proud to be part of the rehabilitation this important hydropower plant.


09/05 2022: Nyamwamba 2, Uganda - Commissioning successfully completed.

Both turbine- generator sets of Nyamwamba II have been commissioned and the project has been successfully completed.


The project site is located immediately upstream of the existing Nyamwamba I hydropower station on the Nyamwamba River in Kasese District, Western Uganda.

In November 2019 ANDRITZ Hydro signed a new contract for the supply of a complete "From water-to-wire" package. The scope of contract for ANDRITZ comprised design, manufacturing, and supply of two Francis turbine-generator sets in a “From water-to-wire” package including local installation supervision and commissioning services. 

Despite being heavily impacted by the Covid pandemic, the installation and commissioning work for Nyamwamba II project could be successfully completed to the full satisfaction of the client.

After the project Nkusi, which was completed four years back, this is the second reference for the small hydro business of ANDRITZ in this African country. Nyamwamba II will contribute with another 33,5 GWh to the annual renewable energy production of Uganda.

Technical details:
Total output: 8 MW
Scope: 2 x 4 MW
Head: 149,5 m
Speed: 1.000 rpm


April 2022: Illerstaustufe 7 - Maria Steinbach, Kronburg/Unterallgäu 

Since March 28, 2022, unit 3 of the hydropower station Illerstaustufe 7 has been back into the grid!


After an overhaul of the Straflo turbine, the trial operation phase started and is going to last exactly four weeks. 

The Illerstaustufe 7 is one of 13 power plants on the Iller river and has been producing hydroelectricity since 1938. When all units are connected to the grid, the power plant's output is 6 MW.

To protect the environment, there is a fish ladder at the Illerstaustufe 7, which allows small animals and fish to pass the power plant safely with reduced risk.

The LEW Wasserkraft GmbH dams and power stations, known as "Iller" for short, are long-standing and valued service customers of ANDRITZ Hydro in Ravensburg. In 2020/2021, unit 2 was rehabilitated to the fullest customer satisfaction. In the next few months, sister unit No. 4 will now be undergoing a general overhaul in our manufacturing facility and made fit for the next decades.



April 2022: Nurek, Tadjikistan – Ambassador visit on-site

The largest hydropower plant in Central Asia, the NUREK power station in Tajikistan, has been modernized by ANDRITZ Hydro since the beginning of 2019.


The German set-up of ANDRITZ has the project lead. The Austrian locations Vienna (EPS & Automation), Weiz (Generators), and Linz (Penstock & Gates) are also involved. 

In the first quarter of 2022, the completion of the on-site machining in the turbine pit cleared the way for the main assembly of the first machine. 

The following milestones were achieved in a very short time under the construction management of ANDRITZ Senior Site Manager, Mr. Nelson Sequeira: 

  • Lifting the generator stator into the pit 
  • Installation of the turbine runner 
  • Placement of the guide vanes 
  • Lifting the turbine head cover 
  • Lifting of the turbine shaft 
  • Start of on-site machining of the spherical main inlet valve 
  • Lifting of the 480 tons generator rotor

The main assembly of the first of a total of nine units is expected to be completed by the end of May 2022. One month later, after wet commissioning, the unit will be handed over to the customer for commercial operation. The commissioning specialists of the various systems are already on-site under the lead of Mr. Robert Schultz and are preparing the dry commissioning of their systems.

The first synchronization of the unit to the Tajik grid is scheduled for June5, 2022.  

On March23, 2022, the German Ambassador in Tajikistan, Dr. Prothmann, visited the construction site and was guided through the power plant by Mr. Asozoda, the Chairman of our client, Barqi Tojik. The rehabilitation work is regularly honored by visits from local politicians as well as guests from Austria and Germany. For example, the Austrian Foreign Minister, Mr. Lienhard, together with the Austrian Ambassador, Mr. Kempel, visited the construction site on November 6, 2021.


March 2022: All of us are following the news and developments in the Ukraine with utmost concerns

ANDRITZ Hydro Ravensburg would like to support the people in need of help in the Ukraine and has prepared a medical supply package for shipment.


Thanks to the incredible commitment of our employees, and in cooperation with Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe Ravensburg and our company medical service in Weingarten, an entire shipment of urgently needed emergency backpacks, medicines, and dressing materials was put together and handed over to a voluntary organization within just a few days. 

The list of medications was coordinated with the medical professionals involved in the voluntary organization and includes urgently needed preparations as well as first aid materials. The aid package will arrive in the Ukraine very soon and will be handed over to rescue workers and medics on-site. 

Our thoughts are with the people who are directly affected and facing the severe consequences. 

Follow us to not miss any updates and get more information.


February 2022: Minakami, Japan – Refurbishment of Francis turbine unit

End of 2021, ANDRITZ was awarded a contract from TEPCO Renewable Power, Inc. for the refurbishment of the generation unit of the Minakami Hydro Power Station, located on the river Tone in Gunma Prefecture, Japan.


Project objectives are replacement of the turbine including MIV, the generator, high-pressure unit and the control systems. The scope of the contract comprises design, engineering, procurement, manufacture, supply, erection supervision and commissioning of the 19,65 MW Francis unit.

The new turbine for the generating unit of Minakami is going to be manufactured in Ravensburg, Germany whereas the generator will be manufactured by ANDRITZ in Bhopal, India. An international team of ANDRITZ from Germany, India, and Japan is going to execute the project. Commissioning is scheduled for Spring 2025.
This contract is an important step for Compact Hydro and ANDRITZ is proud to be part of this refurbishment.

Technical details:
Electrical output: 21,4 MVA
Turbine mechanical output: 1 x 19,65 MW
Head: 127,41 m
Voltage: 11 kV
Speed: 375 rpm
Runner diameter: 1,510 mm


November 2021: Kamolot, Uzbekistan – All four units successfully commissioned

In 2019, ANDRITZ received an order from the Chinese enterprise group Dongfang Electric International Corporation (DEC) for the supply of the complete electro-mechanical equipment for the Kamolot hydropower plant in Uzbekistan.


DEC is acting as the main contractor for the end customer, JSC Uzbekgidroenergo, an Uzbek state-run utility. 

The contract of supply comprised four bevel gear turbines with a runner diameter of 2,150 mm and a rated power output of 2.13 MW each, together with synchronous generators, hydraulic power units, cooling water system, as well as a package of controls and automation.

The installation and commissioning of the four units took place amid global safety constraints and travel restrictions during a period when mobility was strongly influenced by the global fight against Covid 19. 

Manfred Motz, Head of Compact Hydro stated: “I am extremely happy about this success as it shows our ability to deliver and execute projects even under harsh conditions. This is a good example for our cooperative approach to projects – we work hand in hand with our customers.”

Technical Details:
Total output: 8.5 MW
Scope output: 4 x 2.13 MW
Head: 7.77 m
Voltage: 6.3 kV
Speed: 217 rpm
Runner diameter: 2,150 mm



October 2021: Aldeadavila, Spain – Fourth runner successfully installed

ANDRITZ was selected in 2013 by Iberdrola to provide six new runners for the Aldeadavila powerhouse in Spain.

© Iberdrola

Each of the Francis units is providing 140 MW allowing a quick regulation of required power supply of the national grid - from a very low percentage value to the maximum top of mentioned power supply.

The requirement of this supply was to provide the mentioned wide power range and maintain vibration and noise within given values. All this to be fulfilled in a single prototype is not common and posed a big challenge. The ANDRITZ team accepted the challenge and the outcome from ANDRITZ’ workshops is an engineering success.

Since 2019, ANDRITZ is suppling out of its German location one runner per year, allowing Iberdrola to maintain its rehabilitation schedule in the Aldeadavila powerplant.

Beginning of October 2021, the new runner #4 was supplied and lowered in its final position into the Aldeadavila powerhouse. The two last runners, that will fulfill the complete scope of ANDRITZ’ supply, are already in manufacturing. Maintaining this schedule, all six new runners will be installed and commissioned in 2023.

Aldeadavila Dam and Hydropower plant are a key asset in Spanish utility Iberdrola’s portfolio, used to provide regulating power to the national grid. With the new runners from ANDRITZ the power station will be again providing reliable and clean electricity for years to come.

Technical Details:
Total output: 1,200 MW
Scope output: 6 × 140 MW
Net head: 140 m
Speed: 187.5 rpm
Runner diameter: 4,100 mm

© Iberdrola


October 2021: HPP Laúca, Angola – Final Acceptance Certificates for the first units received 

End of September 2021, the Final Acceptance Certificates (FAC) for the first two units – unit #1 and #2 – at the Laúca hydropower plant in Angola were successfully received.


After a fruitful reliability run of the 6th and last main unit in December 2020, all six units of the main hydropower plant have been in service. All involved teams were working hard to finalize this important milestone of Laúca’s project. The six 340 MW generating units are providing clean energy in the country

ANDRITZ received in 2014 the contract to supply the electro-mechanical equipment for the new Laúca hydropower plant located in the middle section of the Kwanza River, Angola. The project consists of a main powerhouse with six units and an eco-powerhouse with one further unit with a total installed capacity of about 2,100 MW. The scope of supply for ANDRITZ includes design, supply, installation supervision, and commissioning of the Francis turbines, generators, main transformers, isolated bus ducts, as well as control and protection systems. The security, access control and telecommunication systems for both, the main and eco powerhouses, are also included within the scope of supply.

The formal signature of the FAC document for unit #3 is expected subsequently, as its final inspection after warranty was positively concluded. The next units that will end their warranty period will be unit #4 (December 2021), unit #5 (June 2022), and unit #6 (December 2023). The last unit, the ECO unit, is already assembled and is waiting to be commissioned.

The units are running smoothly and the operator of Laúca is very pleased with the performance of ANDRITZ’ supply. Laúca plays not only a vital role in the country’s energy supply but is considered a key cornerstone in keeping the national grid stable.

Technical Details:
Total output: 2,070 MW
Scope: 6 × 340 MW (Main) /1 × 40 MW (Eco)
Voltage: 6 × 18 kV (Main) / 1 × 15 kV (Eco)
Head: 200 m (Main) / 118 m (Eco)
Speed: 200 rpm (Main) / 230 rpm (Eco)
Runner diameter: 4,790 mm (Main) / 3,200 mm (Eco)



October 2021: Gouvães, Portugal – First units running

Since commissioning of the Gouvães pumped storage power plant in northern Portugal began in 2021, a series of milestones could be achieved.


The first runs of unit #4 and unit #3 were successfully performed in August respectively in September 2021, both units are running satisfactorily. Based on actual site scheduling, as originally expected, the first unit of Gouvães will provide power to the national grid within 2021.

The Gouvães pumped storage power plant is part of the Tâmega Hydroelectric Complex. In 2016, ANDRITZ was awarded a contract from Iberdrola to provide the electro- and hydro- mechanical equipment for the project.

The scope of supply from ANDRITZ was divided into three separate contracts and comprises the design, manufacturing, supply, installation, and commissioning supervision of the complete electro- and hydro-mechanical equipment. This includes the four 220 MW reversible high-head pump turbines and motor generators, as well as the electrical power systems which were specially developed for the Gouvães project. In addition, the contracts include the manufacturing, supply, and complete installation of the penstock with a total weight of about 12,000 tons of high-grade steel, as well as trash racks, radial- and roller gates and stop logs, including hydraulic equipment.

Reaching the commissioning phase of Gouvães is the result of such excellent teamwork. Together with close interaction with our customer, it allowed us to successfully drive the project through to this final phase.

The entire 1,158 MW Tâmega Hydroelectric Complex will be finished in 2023, guaranteeing energy supplies for almost three million people.

Technical Details:
Total output: 880 MW
Scope output: 4 x 220 MW Francis Pump Turbines
Head: 700 m
Speed: 600 rpm
Runner diameter: 3,500 mm



October 2021: Traunleiten, Austria - Official inauguration of prestigious hydropower plant

On September 18, 2021, the hydropower plant Traunleiten in Upper Austria, Austria was officially inaugurated under the presence of high-ranking political and economic delegation. In the speeches during the inauguration day, the importance of Traunleiten in the energy transition was particularly emphasized. 


Located in the suburb of the city of Wels and in operation for 120 years, the hydropower plant was now completely replaced by a new construction and top modern electro-mechanical equipment. It was the largest project in its history for the owner, Wels Strom GmbH. 

Read more ...


September 2021: Lussa, Scotland – Order for electro-mechanical equipment for Compact Hydro

In June 2021, ANDRITZ received an order to supply the complete electro-mechanical equipment including two Francis turbines for the Lussa hydropower plant on the Mull of Kintyre on the Scottish west coast.


The Lussa hydropower plant, built by SSE in 1957, is going to receive a completely new electro-mechanical equipment as a replacement of the old plant. In the process, the existing building structures are being largely retained. After receiving an initial concept study from SSE in 2019, the orders for both the basic engineering and the detail engineering followed in 2020. The order for the supply of the complete electro-mechanical machinery and automation package subsequently followed in June 2021.
The scope of the contract comprises two 1.1 MW Francis turbines, two 1.28 MVA/ 11 kV synchronous generators, inlet valves, a new control system and instrumentation as well as all auxiliary equipment. Transport to site, installation and full commissioning are also within the contract scope.

The project will be led by the Compact Hydro team in Ravensburg, Germany, in a consortium with the automation team in Vienna, Austria. Completion is scheduled for the end of 2022.

ANDRITZ has already successfully executed numerous machinery supplies as well as service and rehabilitation orders for SSE in Scotland and is looking forward to supporting this customer now with new top-tier equipment for the Lussa hydropower plant.

Technical Details:
Total output: 2.2 MW
Scope output: 2 x 1.1. MW/ 1.28 MVA
Head: 116 m
Voltage: 11 kV


July 2021: ANDRITZ Hydro and MAN Energy Solutions agree on hydrogen cooperation 

Contract signing / Vertragsunterzeichnung


International technology Group ANDRITZ and the German company MAN Energy Solutions have concluded a strategic framework agreement to jointly develop international projects for the production of green hydrogen from hydropower. 

Read more in the press release


ANDRITZ to supply new spherical valves for Dinorwig power station in North Wales, United Kingdom, one of the largest pumped storage plants in Europe

Dinorwig pumped storage plant in Llanberis, North Wales, United Kingdom

© ENGIE/ First Hydro Company

International technology group ANDRITZ has received an order from First Hydro Company, UK, covering a contract for the supply of six new spherical valves for the Dinorwig pumped storage plant in Llanberis, North Wales, United Kingdom. First Hydro Company is owned 75% by ENGIE and 25% by Brookfield.

Read more in the press release


May 2021: HPP Schils, Switzerland – Pelton Turbines in commercial operation


In March 2021 ANDRITZ receive the PAC (Provisional Acceptance Certificate) for both Pelton turbines (Aeuli and Bruggwiti) in the Schils powerhouse. Thus, after a runtime of approx. 20 months, the project was now hand over to the commercial operation to the full satisfaction of the customer, the SAK (St. Gallisch-Appenzellische Kraftwerke AG).

The contract stipulated high requirements for the efficiencies of the turbines. However, already during the trial operation it had become apparent, that the turbines were generating significantly more power than contractually committed. Now it is being considered whether the contractually agreed efficiency measurement should be carried out at all.

The powerhouse is located in the impressive scenery of the Flums Valley and after the current rehabilitation of the existing facilities, the plant in Schils increase the energy production from 39 GWh by about 20% to 48 GWh. As a result, about 2,000 additional households will be supplied with renewable electricity (refer also to the earlier news no. 75/2019).

The customer and also the ANDRITZ project management are very pleased and satisfied, that in particular the installation on site and the commissioning phase of the project Schils were not affected by the Corona pandemic at all and the work could be carried out as planned.



April 2021: ANDRITZ to supply electro-mechanical equipment and maintenance service for one of the world’s first co-located solar pumped storage plants in Australia

© Genex Power Ltd

International technology group ANDRITZ has received an order from the EPC contractors McConnell Dowell and John Holland to supply the electro-mechanical equipment for the 250-MW Kidston pumped storage plant in North Queensland, Australia.

Read more in the press release


February 2021: PSP Waldeck II, Germany – Contract for rehabilitation of unit #6 signed

© luftbild.siebengebirge@googlemail.com

The Waldeck II pump storage power plant is located near Lake Edersee in the area of the municipality of Edertal in Germany. The pump storage unit #6 of the Waldeck II PSP is a vertically installed machine set consisting of a single-stage storage Pump and a Francis turbine, both of which permanently coupled to the generator. The pump and the turbine each have two, a downstream- and an upstream-sided spherical valve. Uniper Kraftwerke GmbH (UKW) intends to refurbish all the components, i.e. the pump and the turbine together with the spherical valves of unit #6 of Waldeck II pump storage power station.

The subject of the contract is the dismantling, rehabilitation locally and the workshop, reassembly and recommissioning of the machine set as detailed in the contract specifications. Commissioning of the unit is scheduled for end of 2021.

The consortium consisting of ANDRITZ and Voith was awarded the contract under the leadership of ANDRITZ Hydro after very intensive negotiations. The order demonstrates UKW's confidence in ANDRITZ's competence in rehabilitating large and technically demanding machine sets. Pump storage is a major player in the energy transition to a clean and renewable future.

© Uniper Kraftwerke GmbH
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