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25/04/2023: Tashirogawa Daiichi, Japan – Refurbishment of Horizontal Twin Pelton turbine unit

In February 2023, ANDRITZ K.K. was awarded a contract from TEPCO Renewable Power, Inc. to supply a hydro power generation system for Tashirogawa Daiichi Power Plant, which generates electricity using water taken from the upper stream of the Oi River in Shizuoka Prefecture.

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The project objective is to upgrade the turbine, generator, and control panels. The scope of the contract includes design, engineering, procurement, manufacture, supply, installation supervision and commissioning assistance for the power generation equipment including horizontal twin Pelton turbines, inlet valves, synchronous generators and hydraulic pressure unit.

The turbines to be delivered to the Tashirogawa Daiichi Power Plant will be manufactured by ANDRITZ Hydro GmbH (Ravensburg, Germany), and the synchronous generators will be manufactured by ANDRITZ HYDRO Private Limited (India). The project will be executed by an international team of ANDRITZ Hydro from Japan, Germany and India. Wet test is scheduled for November 2025.

We are honored to participate in this important refurbishment project, which is a follow-up of Minakami Hydropower plant project that was awarded to us by TEPCO Renewable Power, Inc. in 2021.

Electrical output: 20.0 MVA
Turbine mechanical output:  19.018 MW (by 2 Pelton turbines)
Head: 350.672 m
Voltage: 11 kV
Speed: 500 rpm


28/03/2023: German-Japanese Business Dialogue in Tokyo

Olaf Scholz, the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, travelled to Tokyo - Japan on 18 March 2023 together with six cabinet members for the first German-Japanese government consultations. 


One aim of the political talks was to give..



February 2022: Minakami, Japan – Refurbishment of Francis turbine unit

End of 2021, ANDRITZ was awarded a contract from TEPCO Renewable Power, Inc. for the refurbishment of the generation unit of the Minakami Hydro Power Station, located on the river Tone in Gunma Prefecture, Japan.


Project objectives are replacement of the turbine including MIV, the generator, high-pressure unit and the control systems. The scope of the contract comprises design, engineering, procurement, manufacture, supply, erection supervision and commissioning of the 19,65 MW Francis unit.

The new turbine for the generating unit of Minakami is going to be manufactured in Ravensburg, Germany, whereas the generator will be manufactured by ANDRITZ in Bhopal, India. An international team of ANDRITZ from Germany, India, and Japan is going to execute the project. Commissioning is scheduled for Spring 2025.
This contract is an important step for Compact Hydro and ANDRITZ is proud to be part of this refurbishment.

Technical details:
Electrical output: 21,4 MVA
Turbine mechanical output: 1 x 19,65 MW
Head: 127,41 m
Voltage: 11 kV
Speed: 375 rpm
Runner diameter: 1,510 mm

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