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ANDRITZ Cyber Security - powered by OTORIO

Digital transformation makes industrial networks more connected, more productive - and more exposed. Cyber and digital threats include hackers looking to disrupt normal operations, everyday incidents such as misconfiguration of machines or lack of defined security processes and can seriously impact your business.

ANDRITZ helps its global customers minimize digital and cyber risks through its partnership with leading OT security provider OTORIO.

Founded by leading OT Cyber Security experts, OTORIO’s portfolio of cutting-edge solutions ensures continuous digital risk management and compliance. These solutions are now fully integrated into the ANDRITZ portfolio, providing customers with safer machines and a significantly more resilient infrastructure.

Together we serve:

Industrial companies


Critical infrastructure


Machine builders & OEMs


Engineering firms



  • Enriched inventory of all OT, IT and IIoT assets
  • OT security posture assessments that prioritize risk by impact on operations
  • Feasible, customized mitigation playbooks
  • Automatic generation of compliance and audit reports
  • Visibility into components, assemblies, machines, network segments, shops, entire production sites and across production sites
  • Current with latest threat intelligence
  • Control of access to assets
  • Central security management of production sites from a single pane of glass


Assists organizations in their quest for continuous monitoring, management and protection of assets, networks and data within and across production sites.

With RAM2, organizations can introduce and enforce a zero-trust policy to mandate that devices, services and individuals are continuously authenticated, authorized and validated before they are given access to assets, applications or data.

RAM2 automatically aggregates information from diverse operational and security systems to enable organizations to quickly understand their security posture and proactively address vulnerabilities and exposures before they become breaches.

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As machines become increasingly connected and complex, comprising various assets while connecting to multiple operational networks, builders and operators must ensure that each machine is secure and compliant with regulations and contractual requirements at installation time and throughout the operational lifecycle.

spOT ensures secure and compliant digital machinery from the single asset to the entire manufacturing site.

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remOT secures remote connectivity, providing a safe, single point of entry to the OT environment.

Simple to deploy and configure, remOT requires no changes to firewall rules or end-point configurations and does not introduce latency.

It is easy to grant user and group access permissions and manage secure remote connectivity to an entire plant or multiple sites as well as to specific machines, network segments and other assets.

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OTORIO & ANDRITZ: a perfect combination for ensuring safe digital growth

Understanding that safe digitalization requires a holistic end-to-end approach beginning at the development phase and reaching into the ongoing operations, ANDRITZ and OTORIO, a company founded by former Israeli Defense Forces cyber experts with decades of nation-state experience, have developed an extensive cybersecurity program ranging from advanced assessments and consulting services to the implementation of proven, cybersecurity and risk management technologies.

Built-in cybersecurity

In a multi-generational, constantly changing threat environment, customized OT cybersecurity measures are an imperative part of the automation development process. ANDRITZ is embedding OTORIO’s innovative solutions in its market-leading products and services, ensuring every machine meets the highest standard of cybersecurity. The advanced services are delivered in the safest way, ensuring the customer’s continuous efficient and effective production along proprietary commercial data security.

The solution provides on-going risk monitoring and management, enabled by Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) machine power and leveraged by top talents.

A specifically designed industrial intuitive user interface reduces system integration and operational complexities. In addition, a complementary strategic risk assessment advisory service is available to evaluate the effectiveness of organizational production, industry 4.0 benefits, and cyber resilience.

From A-Z, we are All-In

Teaming with the right technology and service partner on the journey to digital growth is a key decision. The ANDRITZ-OTORIO team is an integral part of industrial safe automation solutions. The team is highly familiar with the industry’s particularity, engaged throughout the entire process at different touch points, and it is dedicated to ensuring your competitiveness.

The unique ANDRITZ-OTORIO partnership enables industries to move forward with time, undeterred by cyber threats, utilize digital opportunities and maximize productivity growth.