Screening at Montes del Plata

ANDRITZ screening and fiber recovery

Increasing the efficiency and economy of chemical pulping. The improved energy efficiency of today’s fiberlines is not just a result of size and scale. Considerable design and development effort by ANDRITZ has resulted in innovations such as the Dolphin screening technology and fiber recovery systems, as well as process, product, and control packages that improve efficiency and save energy.

Technology investments that yield maximum returns

In terms of economic payback and operational efficiency, investments in modern screening technology can yield the best returns. As pulp mill capacities rise (the largest today exceeding 1.75 million tonnes per year in a single line of production), screening technology has also advanced at a proportional rate to ensure throughput, quality control, and to avoid being the bottleneck in the fiberline.

ANDRITZ superior screening solutions

ANDRITZ screens and fiber recovery solutions have the throughput to match even the world’s largest fiberlines. They deliver high unit capacity with simple, efficient designs. High shive removal efficiency with minimum fiber loss ensures excellent performance. ANDRITZ screening systems are based on many years of process knowledge combined with the latest innovations confirmed through trials with the world’s most demanding pulp producers.

Montes del Plata screen room

Screen room at Montes del Plata mill in Uruguay.

3d rendering of CombiScreen FTK

Fiberline screening and fiber recovery technology available from ANDRITZ:

  • CombiScreen FTK - integrated knot separation and primary screening in one unit
  • ModuScreen FT - fine screen
  • ModuScreen FTF - fiber filter for fiber recovery
  • KW knot washer and KW-R reject washer
  • ModuScreen CT - knot separation screen
  • RB/SR sand removal cleaner

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