Vertical line shaft pumps

Added flexibility for optimized operation

ANDRITZ vertical line shaft pumps, VLSP series, are available in different designs, with adjustable angle impellers and materials optimized for service conditions and customer requirements. These pumps can be used for various operations and applications such as water supply, flood control, desalination and in power stations.

ANDRITZ vertical line shaft pump at the workshop in Graz, Austria


ANDRITZ vertical line shaft pumps, VLSP series, can installed for a wide range of different industrial processes. They are used in water transport for irrigation and drainage as well as drinking and industrial water supply. Additionally, these pumps can also function as cooling water pumps or flue gas desulphurization pumps for power stations. Finally, ANDRITZ vertical line shaft pumps from the VLSP series are used as seawater intake pumps for desalination plants.

These pumps transport many different media and must have various properties, depending on the medium concerned. That is why the choice of material and suitable finishing are the determining factors in the functioning and stability of the pump. Thus, depending on the area of application, ANDRITZ vertical line shaft pumps from the VLSP series are designed as radial, axial, or mixed flow pumps. Similarly, the choice of material is customized ranging from cast iron, cast steel, non-alloyed and low-alloy steel grades, stainless CrNi steel grades, or duplex and super duplex steel grades. ANDRITZ also offers a complete program of impeller shapes for all combinations of delivery rates and heads, according to specific speeds. For more information on our vertical line shaft pumps, VLSP series, please have a look at our brochures in the sidebar or contact us directly.

Adjustable angle impellers for added flexibility for cooling water pumping

ANDRITZ has incorporated a hydraulic device to adjust the impeller blade angles on its vertical line shaft pumps from the VLSP series to react to changing conditions while the pump is operating.

Power plants commonly experience changes in the cooling water flow rate and head (e.g. day/night operations or tidal fluctuations). So, additional flexibility beyond fixed-angle impellers or manually adjusted impellers is needed. There are typically two ways to achieve that flexibility: speed control with a frequency converter or hydraulic impeller blade adjustment. ANDRITZ delivers pumps with either type of adjustment. So the question arises, “When does it make sense to use the hydraulic impeller blade adjustment?” The brief answer is that it depends upon the specific application: range of fluctuation in delivery rate and head, other installed equipment, budget available, etc. The specialists at ANDRITZ will help in the evaluation and selection.

The hydraulic adjusting device has clear advantages when there are substantial changes in delivery rate. With its ability to vary the impeller blade angle up to 15° between minimum and maximum, it can be a perfectly acceptable alternative. It is proven highly reliable. The beauty of the adjustable-angle impeller blades is that it is possible to compensate for changes in operating conditions while the pump is in operation. In this way, the efficiency can be optimized or the duty point changed on-the-fly. It has a long service life and does not require any electronic spare parts.

ANDRITZ VLSP pump series

Design:pull-out or non-pull-out
Impeller:radial, mixed flow or axial; adjustable or fixed
Head:up to 80 m (single-stage)
up to 120 m (multi-stage)
Flow rate:up to 70,000 m³/h
Power:up to 10,000 KW

Product benefits

  • Customized to your specific needs and requirements
  • Hydraulic impeller blade adjustment
  • Speed control unit for the drive
  • Separately mounted, angle-adjustable impeller blades to optimize efficiency or alter the duty point at a later stage
ANDRITZ vertical line shaft pump with adjustable angle impellers for added flexibility

ANDRITZ vertical line shaft pump with adjustable angle impellers for added flexibility


ANDRITZ Vertical line shaft pump (English)

Vertical line shaft pump (English)


Vertical Turbine Pumps, VTP series

The Vertical Turbine Pump is available in 38 sizes in the range from DN300 to DN800. Additionally, the pump is offered in multiple stages (1 to 3). One of the biggest strengths of the ANDRITZ vertical turbine pumps is their modular design and the efficiency it provides. Another key advantage of this pump series is its flexible discharge options. Depending on the application and the plant layout, the discharge flange can be above or below floor level. Amongst others the vertical turbine pumps are used in cooling water pumps for power stations, sweater intake pumps in desalination and water transport for irrigation and drainage.

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