Vertical volute pumps

Customized pump engineering for various applications in the water, power and desalination sector

ANDRITZ vertical volute pumps with either a concrete, CVP series, or metal volute, VVP series, are manufactured and designed according to customers’ needs and requirements. These pumps can be used in application fields such as water transport, water supply, thermal power stations and desalination plants. 

Concrete volute pumps from the CVP series


ANDRITZ vertical volute pumps from the CVP and VVP series operate in a wide range of industrial applications. In the water sector, they function as water transport pumps for irrigation, drainage, and flood control as well as water supply pumps for drinking and industrial water suppliers. Additionally, they can be used as cooling water pumps for thermal power stations and as seawater intake pumps for desalination plants.

Thus, these pumps can transport many different media. The pumps must have various properties, depending on the medium concerned. That is why the choice of material and suitable finishing are the determining factors for functioning and stability of the pump. Different materials are used depending on the service conditions and customer requirements: cast iron, cast steel, non-alloyed and low-alloyed steel grades, stainless CrNi steel grades, duplex and super duplex steel grades.

Similarly, the hydraulic dimensioning and design of the volute casing depends on the specific output characteristics. Optimum flow is achieved in the volute thanks to its individual shaping, thus also achieving a high level of efficiency. The volute casing is manufactured as a concrete or metal volute. The metal volute is a welded structure consisting of several segments and can be embedded in concrete as an option. This design is used primarily for larger delivery heads if a solution with a concrete volute is no longer feasible due to strength requirements. From the technological and economic points of view, concrete volute pumps are the best solution when large amounts of water are to be delivered. The concrete casing has a long service life and is resistant to erosion as well as to both seawater and brackish water. Furthermore, the material costs are low.

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Three construction procedures for concrete volute pumps


In-situ casting

Wooden formwork is positioned at the site and the surrounding concrete is cast in two stages. The formwork can be reused several times and is easy to lift as well as to position. For large sizes, the investment costs are relatively low in comparison to other solutions. The concrete surface is resistant to brackish water or seawater.


Steel liner

The steel liner of the volute is used as permanent formwork. Depending on the size of the volute, the liner parts can be welded at the site. This option is an advantage with small pumps in small numbers. For seawater applications, however, we recommend a concrete volute liner.


Prefabricated elements

The pump volute is split into a certain number of concrete blocks, which are cast in a concrete factory. The parts are then shipped to the site and assembled. The advantage is that the civil work at the site need not be particularly accurate. The volute surface is resistant to brackish water or seawater. For bigger sizes, however, we recommend an in-situ casting or steel liner because the prefabricated elements are limited in size and weight.

ANDRITZ vertical volute pumps


ANDRITZ VVP and CVP pump series

Design:metal or concrete volute, with or without guide vanes
Impeller:radial or mixed flow
Head:up to 250 m (metal),
up to 40 m (concrete)
Flow rate:up to 85 m3/s (concrete)
up to 100 m3/s (metal)
Power:up to 140 MW (metal)
up to 40 MW (concrete)
Efficiency:highest efficiency available

Product benefits

  • Individual hydraulic dimensioning and design of the volute casing for specific output characteristics
  • Optimum flow achieved in the volute thanks to individual shaping
  • Three construction procedures for concrete volute pumps

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