AhlCleaner TC133

AhlCleaner RB and TC/SC133

Efficient removal of impurities such as sand, metal, glass, and other heavy tramp materials, utilizing low-consistency and high-density cleaners

ANDRITZ cleaner product family

The AhlCleaner series utilizes modern technology and is based on 40 years of experience to offer a perfect range of centrifugal cleaners for every pulp and stock cleaning application.

DuoClean system with AhlCleaner RB

AhlCleaner TC/SC133

DuoClean system

Large diameter AhlCleaner series RB are applied for two-stage heavy particle cleaning systems in recycled fiber applications.

Benefits and features of the DuoClean system

  • Continuous bleeding in primary stage for increased efficiency in high-consistency range (3–4.5%)
  • Reject dilution to approx. 1.5% is made directly in reject pipe before the settling tank
  • Settling tank allows easy removal of heavy particles at the conical bottom via junk trap
  • Secondary stage takes advantage of high removal efficiency in low-consistency range
  • Improved removal efficiency – especially for smaller, heavy particles
  • Suitable for all kinds of waste paper, including lower grades
  • Handles highest content of heavy particles
  • Increased capacity due to feed forward of accept secondary stage

DuoClean system - primary stage with settling tank and secondary stage


AhlCleaner TC/SC 133: efficient removal of small debris

The TC/SC133 is highly efficient in removing small impurities from stock. It combines two independently operating cleaners with common feed and accepts chambers. The TC/SC133 consumes little power, due to the low-pressure drop design. Pressurized rejection of impurities prevents air from entering accept and reject flows. Fiber losses in the cleaning operation can be reduced by using specially designed cones in latter stages of cleaning. No special tools are required to install the cleaners, and wear parts can be replaced fast and easily.

Benefits and features of the AhlCleaner TC/SC 133

  • Durable plastic and ceramic cones
  • Selectable directions for feed and accept connections
  • Minimal space required
  • Easy to install, operate, and maintain

AhlCleaner RB: large diameter high-density cleaning

The following ANDRITZ AhlCleaner RB series are used in recycled fiber pulp high-density applications:

  • RB200HD
  • RB300HD
  • RB600HD

These cleaners are large diameter cleaners for removing impurities like sand, metal, glass, and other heavy tramp material. The cleaners are equipped with junk traps to minimize the fiber losses. Different feed head designs provide a wide range of capacities.

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    The ANDRITZ AhlCleaner TC133 is highly efficient in removing small impurities from stock.

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