Diamondback chip bins. Klabin S.A., Brazil

ANDRITZ chip feeding and pre-steaming

Efficient, reliable systems for continuous cooking

ANDRITZ PULP & PAPER continues to be an innovator in technologies for chemical pulp fiberlines.  TurboFeed and Diamondback are excellent examples.  The TurboFeed technology eliminates traditional investments in high-pressure feeding equipment, which also eliminates the costs of periodic rebuilds of the equipment.  The Diamondback is today’s standard for pre-steaming wood chips for optimum impregnation without moving parts to eliminate plugging or hang-ups in the chip flow. 

Turbofeed chip pumps

TurboFeed chip pumps. Montes del Plata, Uruguay.

DiamondBack steaming technology allows for controlled retention time with no moving parts requiring maintenance

DiamondBack steaming technology allows for controlled retention time with no moving parts requiring maintenance

TurboFeed chip pumping for uniform, efficient chip flow

An ANDRITZ TurboFeed chip pumping feeding system is a unique feed system which simplifies the process design (reducing the investment in traditional high-pressure feeders) and creates the perfect flow of chips to the digester for optimum impregnation and cooking.

TurboFeed uses specially designed pumps to transport the mixture of wood chips and cooking liquor to the top of the reaction vessels. The unique impellers in the pumps effectively pressurize the system without creating mechanical forces that might degrade the chips, therefore preserving fiber strength.

TurboFeed represents the current state-of-the-art feed system for new installations and can also be retrofitted to existing digesters.

Diamondback chip bin for efficient chip pre-steaming

The efficient removal of air from the voids of wood chips is critical for optimum impregnation of the chips with active cooking chemicals in the impregnation zone of the continuous digester. 

An ANDRITZ Diamondback chip bin, with its unique and simple design, properly prepares chips for impregnation. It is an atmospheric pre-steaming reactor capable of uniformly pre-steaming wood chips without any moving components.  The chip bin maintains a buffer volume of chips to be fed into the digester vessel to accommodate any disturbances at wood processing plant. The Diamondback chip bin, combined with the use of clean steam, represents state-of-the-art chip pre-steaming.  This technology can also be easily retrofitted to existing continuous cooking systems.

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