Dewatering of fiber pulps

ANDRITZ dewatering machines for high dryness and high throughput

ANDRITZ Pulp Screw Press SCP, Twin Wire Press TWP and Vertical Screw Thickener VST

ANDRITZ Pulp Screw Press SCP

The ANDRITZ Pulp Screw Press SCP for efficient pulp dewatering exemplifies our leadership in dewatering technology.

The screw press dewaters at the highest level with several unique features. When fed with medium-consistency fiber suspensions, the press can achieve outlet dryness beyond 30%. The patented control system and a powerful drive ensure safest operation and constant dryness at the discharge.

Schematic drawing of an ANDRITZ Pulp Screw Press SCP

Pulp Screw Press SCP


  • Highest throughput and dryness in a single machine
  • Compact design
  • Highly efficient dewatering
  • Easy to operate
  • Production-based control prevents plugging
  • Flexible to work with in a wide range of pulp types and consistencies
  • High availability, low maintenance requirements

ANDRITZ Twin Wire Press TWP

The ANDRITZ Twin Wire Press TWP is used for dewatering all kinds of pulps in various processes.

Schematic drawing of an ANDRITZ Twin Wire Press TWP

Twin Wire Press TWP


  • Universal application
  • Low specific energy consumption
  • Lowest possible filtrate load
  • Compact design
  • Few moving parts
  • Very high throughput
  • Excellent filtrate quality
  • Reliable, fully automatic operation

Vertical Screw Thickener VST

The vertical design of this screw thickener provides additional dewatering effect by gravity. Since the device is always completely filled, the dewatering area is maximized. Thus, specific output is higher compared to a horizontal screw press of the same size, or the output dryness is higher at the same specific output. Outlet consistencies from 20-35% can be achieved with this modern concept, at low feed consistencies down to 4%. Due to the vertical arrangement and the compact design, the equipment has a very small footprint.

Schematic drawing of an ANDRITZ Vertical Screw Thickener VST



  • Excellent dewatering efficiency
  • Self-filling by gravity for even dewatering from top to bottom
  • Very even discharge without generating fluctuations to be passed on to subsequent equipment
  • Full utilization of available screen area for increased throughput and dryness
  • Very robust and compact machine requiring less floor space
  • Machine completely closed to prevent leakage
  • No bending force on the screw shaft, and symmetrical loads on the baskets increase wear part lifetime
  • Maintenance-friendly due to telescoping bottom filtrate housing and split screen baskets

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