Acid regeneration systems

Increase profit – reduce ecological footprint

ANDRITZ METALS acid regeneration technology provides advanced and state-of-the-art systems for:

ANDRITZ METALS acid regeneration – keep the acid loop closed

Most steel producers use either hydrochloric acid (in the carbon steel industry) or HF-HNO3 mixed acid (for stainless steel) for steel pickling. The waste acid produced can either be discharged and neutralized – which results in high costs and a high fresh acid demand – or regenerated.

With our acid regeneration technology, the entire loop is closed. Waste acid coming from the pickling line is regenerated and then used to fill the demand for fresh acid. Furthermore, the majority of effluents from the pickling line can be eliminated, thus saving costs for the entire pickling process and minimizing the environmental impact.


Regeneration plant

Advantages of acid regeneration

  • Highly economical in operation
  • Short payback period for the investment
  • Tremendous cost savings for fresh acid demand
  • Closed acid loop between the pickling plant and the regeneration system
  • Proven and sophisticated design with more than 220 references worldwide
  • Environmental protection
  • Lowest possible energy consumption with ECOmode

Acid regeneration plants

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