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ANDRITZ Metals Service – together. forward.

With many years of experience in the stainless steel, carbon steel and non-ferrous metal strip industry, ANDRITZ Metals is your experienced life cycle business partner.

Our aim is to support you achieving sustainable process reliability, quality and safety  while ensuring the highest level of efficiency. With our innovative approaches, we are setting footprints in the Metals Service industry by delivering customized equipment and services.​

We are your solution provider for activities from the spare and wear part service, rebuild and retrofit, automation systems/electrical upgrades, as well as maintenance and operating services - all provided by our global experts satisfying your individual needs. 


In retrofitting, rebuilding and modernizing your existing installation you want to involve an expert.

Services for reliable operation throughout the entire plant life cycle

Spare and wear part service sector

ANDRITZ Metals is your reliable OEM supplier for all types of manufactured spare and wear parts.  In addition, we are able to offer favorable prices for numerous purchased parts thanks to ANDRITZ’s purchasing power.  With this service, you can increase your production time at much lower running costs.

Rebuild and retrofit

We are the right tool for the job.  Our goal is to help you improve, adapt, grow and gain a competitive edge.  We will assist you every step of the way by finding the best equipment, support and technology solutions to drive your business forward.   No matter who built your equipment, ANDRITZ Metals can make it run better.

Automation systems/electrical upgrades

You have invested millions in your production equipment, and when it fails, your equipment is out of commission.  No matter how long, this impacts your business and of course your profit.  This is why you need the most accurate tools available on the market to monitor your equipment and our Automation is cutting-edge.

Maintenance and operating services

From maintenance assessments, preventive maintenance and reconditioning, to on-site field service or repairs in our workshops, ANDRITZ Metals offers all options in order to keep our customers’ processes operational.

Select your service

Mill service solutions

ANDRITZ Metals USA provides a wide variety of mill services to manufacturing facilities in the United States as well as Canada and Mexico.

Rebuild and Retrofit
Rebuild and retrofit

Simple yet powerful descriptions of what ANDRITZ Herr-Voss Stamco can do for your business to keep you in the game when times are lean.

Slitter knives spacers
ASKO products and services

ANDRITZ provides ASKO products that have served the metals industry since 1933. We manufacture a wide range of knives, liners, wear plates, and accessories for the ferrous and non-ferrous metals producers, processors and recyclers.

Refractory equipment

ANDRITZ Metals Germany's refractory products are designed and customized to increase furnace productivity and optimize energy performance at minimized fuel consumption. ANDRITZ Metals Germany is a leading supplier of pre-fabricated insulating shells for skid pipe systems in reheating furnaces

Roof burner of a sinter plant ignition furnace for uniform and efficient ignition of the sinter
Industrial burners and complete heating systems

ANDRITZ Metals᾽ burners, heating, and combustion systems are designed to increase furnace output, optimize energy efficiency and improve product quality.

Comprehensive Life Cycle Service

Life Cycle Services by ANDRITZ AUTOMATION consists of spare parts, several field services and operator training, system upgrades and improvements of every product

METALS Life Cycle Service

ANDRITZ Metals provides services throughout the entire life cycle of our customer’s plants.

Mounting a servo drive on an existing machine
Service and modernization

Our worldwide service network ensures quick response times and highest quality.

Welding service

Our Service is focused on the continuous improvement of our products and is enabling our customers to realize productivity improvement with existing systems.