ANDRITZ METALS' success stories

Only a very small selection of some highlight projects is provided below.

From zero to hero

Aluminum was certainly not the material we were associated with. Within just a single decade, that has completely changed: ANDRITZ Metals has become the leader in this market segment. How? Read on to find out!

New galvanizing furnace success story

On July 2nd, 2021 we received an order from Valin ArcelorMittal Automotive Steel Co., Ltd., China, to supply a galvanizing furnace for a new coating line to produce 3rd-generation Advanced High-Strength Steel. The realization is a story of success!

The best MonoBlock ever!

First Monoblock sold to our customer NAS in America! Please follow our story of how an R&D project from 2016 gave rise to our first order, thus marking a remarkable step forward for ANDRITZ.

The new chamber furnace from ANDRITZ.
Green steel

The European steel industry aims to produce CO₂-neutral steel by 2050. A new type of ANDRITZ furnace at voestalpine Wire Rod is already helping to save energy and reduce emissions.

Metris eXtended Reality

New ANDRITZ app for remote support and training

Hindalco’s Finishing Lines – an Indian Story of Success

Hindalco Industries Limited is the metals flagship company of the Aditya Birla Group. A US$ 26 billion metals powerhouse, Hindalco is an industry leader in aluminum and copper. Hindalco has ramped up its capacity to meet the significantly higher demand for its hard-alloy products by purchasing two new finishing lines from ANDRITZ.

ANDRITZ burner technology comes to Hemer

ANDRITZ’s very own burner production has found a new home. Anyone on a guided tour of the ANDRITZ plant in Hemer this year should get ready to see certain exotic products that recently moved to the former welding shop.

Graphic simulation of the new plant under construction.
A perfect fit

Schuler, ANDRITZ Soutec and thyssenkrupp Automation Engineering have developed a plant that can significantly reduce the production costs for fuel cells.

The PYROMARS and ZEMAP plants from ANDRITZ help companies to circulate acids and water in a closed loop.
Precious water

The Taiwanese company Walsin Lihwa has substantially reduced its water and acid consumption in stainless steel production thanks to ANDRITZ.

ANDRITZ has its first Shapemeter Roll Service Center in China

In April 2021, ANDRITZ opened its first full life Shapemeter Roll Service Center in China in Songjiang District, Shanghai. This service shop is mainly set up for customers from all Asian countries .

ANDRITZ and HBIS: A long history of 20 years

The HBIS Tangsteel high-strength automotive strip project is the largest product upgrade project in Tangsteel's twelfth five-year program.

shape:tronic System – next Generation

Flatness measurement upgraded to an outstanding multifunctional tool – just getting a step ahead for future application.

Plant modernization for ThyssenKrupp Rasselstein GmbH

After over 30 years of operation by the continuous annealing furnace, Rasselstein decided to modernize the plant, in order to furthermore guarantee reliable plant operations.

40 years and 1000 Shapemeter systems later

Forty years ago, nobody thought that this entirely newly developed product would become a success story today. Whereas only one or two rolls were supplied per year at the beginning, today we supply around 50 units in orders handled by a staff of 25 at the Hemer location.

Rizhao Steel's pickling and galvanizing line

Combining high-efficiency pickling, specific skin passing, and the optimized heat-to-coat treatment within a single process line gives the customer a competitive advantage in terms of investment as well as operational cost and minimized environmental impact.

Sundwig's upgrade of the existing aluminum casting and rolling line

TIA integrates all important automation components in the portal. As a result, everything is universally programmable, from the controllers to the peripheral equipment, the drives and the HMIs, to the safety and motion control and energy management. An overlapping database, libraries with frequently used functions, the use of high-level programming language functions, and the option to use consistent symbolic addressing have simplified and accelerated the engineering process.

30% increase in production - ECOmode installation at International Steels Ltd.

The acid regeneration plant (ARP) at International Steels Ltd. (Karachi, Pakistan) is the first plant to use the new ECOmode to increase the plant capacity. Although the capacity increase was the main target for this specific customer, ECOmode saves up to 25% in energy as well.

Modernization of an existing line, tight budget, tight schedule - no problem for our team. Outokumpu Krefeld, Germany

The Outokumpu Group has expanded its production of ferritic stainless steels in Krefeld with the NIFO project (Nirosta Ferrite Optimization). As part of this the milestones defined in the contract were all achieved throughproject, the former WL2 (annealing and pickling line) supplied by out project execution by METALS, especially the "1 st coil" and METALS was converted to a BL 1600 pickling line.

Customized solution for doubling of production rate at Tenneco, Germany

A new 1,250 t servo-transfer press from ANDRITZ Kaiser is producing sophisticated deep-drawing parts for exhaust systems at the automotive supplier Tenneco in Edenkoben, Germany. The location in Edenkoben is the central pressing plant for the entire corporate group, and any faults, let alone breakdowns, could also jeopardize production at other locations. ANDRITZ Kaiser presses have been associated for decades with such attributes as reliability and availability, and these were the deciding factors when Tenneco selected its supplier.

The 20-high reversing mill at Hugo Vogelsang, Germany was modernized extensively by ANDRITZ Sundwig.

The entire control electronics now comply with the latest state of the art. In addition, the drive and control systems were completely renewed and all the drive motors overhauled. Following modernization, strip thickness variations of 1-2 µ and flatness deviations of 4-6 I-units are now achieved.

The strip processing lines at Jindal Stainless Steel Plant Kalinga Nagar, Orissa, India

High-capacity stainless steel output - cold and hot annealing lines

A part of the O P Jindal group, Jindal Stainless Limited (formerly JSL Stainless Ltd.) is India’s largest and the only fully integrated stainless steel manufacturer. Jindal Stainless Limited has grown from an indigenous single-unit stainless steel plant in Hisar, Haryana, to the present multi-location and multi-product conglomerate. Jindal stainless steel capacity after full expansion is about 2.5 million tons per annum.

Annealing and pickling line Steel Authority of India Ltd. Salem Steel Plant, Tamil Nadu, India

Salem Steel Plant, a special steel unit belonging to the Steel Authority of India Ltd., pioneered the supply of wider stainless steel sheets/coils in India. The plant can produce annealed and pickled austenitic, ferritic, martensitic, and low-nickel stainless steel strip from hot and cold rolled material. In September 2008, the “Salem Steel Expansion Project”, including the ANDRITZ METALS annealing and pickling line, was inaugurated by Prime Minister Mammohan Singh, Congress President Sonia Ghandi, and Steel Authority of India Chairman S.K. Roongta.

Modernization 20-high reversing mill at Hyundai Bng Steel, Korea

The 20-high reversing mill at HYUNDAI BNG STEEL underwent extensive modernization by ANDRITZ Sundwig. The complete control electronics were exchanged and now reflect state-of-the-art equipment. Furthermore, the main drives were replaced and designated drive motors completely overhauled. A modular and digital control system, consisting of automatic thickness, strip shape, and strip tension controls, as well as new spray plates with nozzles is now being used.

Coil preparation line at SALEM, India

The complete mechanical equipment and the entire plant layout were planned and executed with Solid Edge software.

Tezcan continuous galvanizing line, Turkey

The hart of this line is the furnace section, which consists of a direct-fired furnace and a small radiant-tube furnace section. This allows the customer to produce a very wide range of products with thicknesses of 0.25 mm to 3 mm and widths of 800 to 1,300 mm at a maximum speed of 200 m/min.

Continuous annealing line at Tianjin Ansteel Tiantie, China

Compact design to result in major savings for the customer

Continuous galvanizing line at Tianjin Ansteel Tiantie, China

The special design of this line allows the customer to run the continuous galvanizing line as well as continuous annealing line.

voestalpine Stahl, continuous galvanizing line no. 5, Austria

Best galvanized surface qualities for the automotive industry - Commissioned at the end of 2009, this line produces steel strip mainly for the automotive industry. The furnace is composed of highly sophisticated technological equipment, such as a direct-fired furnace and a differential rapid jet cooling system. The annual capacity is around 400,000 tons per annum, with a maximum speed of 350 m/min.

voestalpine Stahl, coil coating line no. 2, Austria

Coil coating line for highest quality: ANDRITZ METALS supplied a coil coating line for the production of organically coated steel sheets with a strip thickness of 0.4-2.0 mm and a strip width of 700-1,850 mm. The capacity is around 200,000 tons per annum.

Hot-dip galvanizing line no. 4 at voestalpine Stahl, Austria

The furnace in hot-dip galvanizing line no. 4 enables the customer to manufacture the latest high-strength steel grades and galvanize the strip with the best surface quality. ANDRITZ METALS supplied the mechanical equipment for the entire strip transport. The capacity is around 450,000 tons per annum, with a maximum speed of 350 m/min.

Revamping of a continuous annealing line at Svenskt Stål AB (SSAB), Sweden

The first revamp increased the cooling capacity with installation of the rapid jet cooling system. The second revamp increased the customer’s ability to cool the strip at very high speed thanks to an additional combination zone for heating/cooling. The annual capacity of the furnace is now 500,000 tons per year at 950 °C maximum.

Saarschmiede, car bottom forging furnace

Furthermore, the emissions of the plant will be reduced considerably. The plant is fired with 2 x 15 pairs of regenerative burners, which are arranged horizontally on two levels and placed opposite each other in the side walls.