New state of the art Lacquering Line No 2 at ELVAL Aluminium

Top quality products for the packaging industry

Following successful completion of the contract, the new color coating line (CCL) has been handed over to the proud operation team at ELVAL Aluminium in Oinofyta, Greece. The aluminum processing line produces 100,000 t of high-quality products for the packaging industry annually. The final product – cans for beverages, beer, and pet food – extends shelf life, while guaranteeing  safe, top-quality, and great-tasing food products worldwide.


The final product – cans for beverages, beer, and pet food – extends shelf life, while guaranteeing safe, top quality, and great-tasting food products worldwide.

The services provided by ANDRITZ included engineering, electrical engineering, automation, and commissioning of the following core equipment:

  • Terminal and strip transport equipment with 2 uncoilers and 2 recoilers
  • Automatic flattening function
  • Stitcher and taping machine to cover the stitch
  • High-precision tension leveler
  • High-pressure cleaning section
  • Vertical accumulators
  • Main cleaning (pickling) section
  • Passivation coaters
  • Lacquering coater, with a shuttle coater for fast product change
  • Surface inspection
  • Waxer and electrostatic oiler

The color coating line is connected to the customer’s fully automatic high-rack coil warehouse.


Those were the key factors in ELVAL's decision to award this contract to ANDRITZ. The good relationship between ELVAL and ANDRITZ is based on trust and proven reliability established in two previous contracts: The tension leveling and finishing line, which started up in 2010, is still called the “SUNDWIG line” at the ELVAL Oinofyta plant. It cleans and levels finished material at
line speeds of 300 to 500 m/min. Another experience remembered very well by all team members is the project to revamp the cleaning sections of the lacquering line no. 1 in the winter outage at the beginning of 2016. The ANDRITZ team has demonstrated an outstanding performance and commitment. The team managed to get the line ready for production “overnight” and could not be stopped by various challenges.

The excellent result and performance was highly appreciated by ELVAL, who awarded ANDRITZ with the contract to supply their new lacquering line no. 2. This coating line includes pretreatment of the material, such as cleaning, pickling, and passivation roll coating. After that, the lacquer is applied with the lacquering coater and dried on the strip surface before recoiling.


The kickoff meeting and the basic design meeting had to be held online due to the pandemic, which was a new situation for everyone involved. Regular contact with the customer and holding regular online meetings ensured that progress was made in the engineering and fruitful information exchange took place. The shortage of raw materials and the lack of commitment from suppliers to guarantee delivery times (especially regarding electrical components) presented an additional challenge.

Vertical accumulator


Main cleaning (pickling) section made of PP



Nevertheless, the project teams were pleased when the first face-to-face meeting was possible, even if it was already the detailed design meeting, 9 months after the start of the contract. The following phases of the project showed that personal contact with the customer is an important success factor.


The coating section consists of 2 passivation roll coaters and the lacquering coater. The lacquering coater applies different paints on the outer and inner surface. For fast product change the coater is equipped with 2 lower coating decks, which shuttle out of the line for preparation and cleaning. The coating thickness is monitored by online film thickness measurement after the lacquering oven. The top quality produced is the result of the intensive cooperation between engineering teams in Vienna, Hemer, external partners, operational experience by ELVAL and integration and control by our electric and automation team.
The coater technology and learnings are employed in further projects, e.g. at the Bluescope CGL contract.


From the technical point of view, ELVAL appreciate the advantages of the polypropylene pickling section and the high manufacturing quality of the PP workshop in Graz. The 20 bar high-pressure cleaning and the high precision tension leveler, contributes to an even higher quality of the final strip surface.

To reduce the onsite work as much as possible, ANDRITZ delivered pump skids which were pre-piped, pre-wired and equipped with heat exchanger and process pumps. The simple installation helped to keep the though installation schedule.


The first painted coil was completed on February 2, 2023, allowing the customer to start producing sample material. At this point, we wish to explicitly point out the excellent work of the commissioning team, which enabled the customer to achieve prompt commercial production. The thin strip, with a strip thickness of only 0.12mm, definitely posed a challenge, but the team was able to overcome this challenge together.

In the end, the project was a success and the result will also characterize the good cooperation between ELVAL and ANDRITZ in the future.

"I could say that the new lacquering line from ANDRITZ was a challenging project from day one. Back then, the global economy was off balance. The coronavirus pandemic was forcing all companies to change the way they had worked up to then. There was uncertainty about the future and a lack of commitment on the part of the suppliers regarding the parts that needed to be delivered. Nevertheless, in view of ELVAL’s signed contracts with customers for supplying and delivering products from the new line, we had no option but to proceed.

Even though it was not possible to meet face to face, the ELVAL and ANDRITZ teams established contact that was not based on the strict buyer-supplier relationship.

I wish to point out that the mutual respect that both companies showed each other, combined with the technical knowhow of the two teams, was the key factor for accomplishing this project within this strict time schedule. Everybody focused on how we could solve the issues arising during any phase of the project and how we could move a step further.

Looking at the line running now, I believe that everyone who has been involved in this effort can feel proud of this achievement and I strongly believe that the line will be used as benchmark reference in future projects."

Dimitris Alexopoulos,
Project Manager Lacquering Line No2,
ElvalHalcor S.A. Greece




Strip Thickness: 

0,12 – 0,5 mm

Strip Width:

700 – 2050 mm

Strip Speed: 

200 m/min

Yearly Production:      

100.000 t/a

Main products:

Beer & Beverage can end and can stock material, food and pet food cans.