Hot annealing and pickling line at Salem Steel Plant, India

High-capacity production line from one single source

Salem Steel Plant, a special steel unit belonging to the Steel Authority of India Ltd., pioneered the supply of wider stainless steel sheets/coils in India. The plant can produce annealed and pickled austenitic, ferritic, martensitic, and low-nickel stainless steel strip from hot and cold rolled material. In September 2008, the “Salem Steel Expansion Project”, including the ANDRITZ METALS annealing and pickling line, was inaugurated by Prime Minister Mammohan Singh, Congress President Sonia Ghandi, and Steel Authority of India Chairman S.K. Roongta.


First coil at SALEM, India

Plant facts of the line

Hot annealing and pickling line

Cold and hot rolled stainless steel AISI 200, 300, and 400 series

Line capacity500.000 tons per year
Strip thickness1.0-7.0 mm
Strip width600-1,300 mm
Process speed

max- 50 m/min


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