From hot annealed strip to stainless applications used in all life areas

Stainless steel products are fascinating. Stainless is the solution for applications with the need of corrosion, heat or chemical resistance.

Considering additional life-cycle-costs and environmental aspects, stainless is the preferred material for household goods, commercial kitchens, sinks, panels, architecture, dishwashers, cutlery and processing equipment.


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ANDRITZ Metals is the only supplier who can provide equipment for required processes from a single source. This permits a minimization of interfaces as well as a continuous optimization of the overall process. The many years of experience of our engineering specialists, the continuous development of technologies, and the overlapping certified quality management proves the leading world market position gained by the ANDRITZ GROUP. All core components are self-designed and manufactured in our own manufacturing workshops. By this set up all necessary processes and components – from engineering to commissioning – are optimally coordinated.


World market leader in stainless steel processing

ANDRITZ Metals’ world market leadership in stainless steel processing equipment is based on its large offering of advanced annealing and pickling lines for hot rolled and cold rolled strip, and if needed with inline reduction S6-high mills, skin pass mills or tension leveler. In addition to the cold rolling mills in S6-high respectively 20-high design with process lines for coil preparation, slitting, cutting to length, and recoiling, we cover the complete range that is necessary to manufacture final products ready to be shipped to the customer.

Beside the main process equipment for stainless steel ANDRITZ Metals is also the leader for acid regeneration plans, focusing on low energy consumption, process reliability and the recycling of acids and residual metals.

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Hot and cold annealing and pickling

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Mixed acid regeneration

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20-high rolling mill

Cold rolling

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