Continuous galvanizing line at Tianjin Ansteel Tiantie, China

The special design of this line allows the customer to run the continuous galvanizing line as well as continuous annealing line.

Special sealing equipment, located near the retractable snout, allows the customer to run the continuous galvanizing line as well as continuous annealing line (CAL) which has been proven its benefits during a long unavailability of the pots. This flexibility is highly appreciated by the customer.


Furnace Design

This furnace consists of radiant tube heating and soaking zones which are equipped with double-P-type tubes and high efficient low NOx recuperative burners. The burners are operated in on/off mode ensuring in all load cases an optimized combustion, condition for low emission values and highest efficiency. To ensure a high degree of heat recovery, the waste gases of the burners heat up hot water which is used in the pre-cleaning section of the line. After the heating and soaking zones, the strip travels through the Gas Jet Cooling (GJC) where it is cooled to the required temperature before entering the coating pot. The Gas Jet Cooling consists of individual cooler units located over two vertical passes where the HNx furnace atmosphere is circulated via efficient heat exchangers and through profiled blowing nozzles on the strip to achieve cooling rates allowing the customer the production of all modern steel grades.


Furnace layout of a continuous galvanizing line

Technical data of the line

Continuous annealing line
Line capacity320.000 tons per year
Process speed

180 m/min.

Strip width700-1,250 mm
Strip thickness0.25-1.6 mm
MetrerialCQ, DQ, DDQ, CQ340-HSS, CQ440-HSS, DQ-HSS
Operation with GI and GL products


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