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ANDRITZ low-consistency refining

ANDRITZ’s proven TwinFlo disc refiners and innovative Papillon refiners with cylindrical refining zone are perfectly suitable for the production of all paper grades – ranging from tissue and packaging grades to niche specialty papers. Our experts have vast process experience, know about the technological importance of refining and will support you to choose the right machine for your individual requirements.

ANDRITZ Papillon cylindrical refiner

ANDRITZ TwinFlo disc refiner TF

Papillon refiner
Gentle and stable refining

The ANDRITZ Papillon refiner is an innovative refiner with a cylindrical refining zone. Its special geometry combines gentle and homogeneous fiber treatment from refiner inlet to outlet with fast maintenance because the refiner segments are easily accessible.

The Papillon refiner concept offers significant improvements in energy consumption thanks to the compact rotor design compared to competitive refiners in similar applications. Efficient treatment of the fibers throughout the entire refining area is a precondition for superior paper properties. The Papillon refiner has proven its unique design, particularly in virgin and annual fiber applications.


Benefits of the Papillon refiner

  • Optimum development of the fiber potential by using a cylindrical machine concept
  • Reduction of operating costs in connection with energy consumption
  • Improved paper appearance and runability of the paper machine

TwinFlo refiner
Reliable operation meets superior fiber quality

The ANDRITZ TwinFlo is a double-disc refiner, capable of refining all types of fibers: mechanical, recycled, softwood and hardwood chemical pulp, as well as fibers from annual plants.

The simple and sturdy machine design guarantees highest reliability and has been proven in more than 2,500 reference installations worldwide. Plates can be changed quickly and easily thanks to the swing-door concept, allowing shortest downtimes and lowest maintenance costs. Numerous different plate patterns are available to adjust the refining process according to individual customer requirements - always achieving excellent pulp properties.


Benefits of the TwinFlo refiner

  • Individual plate design available to use the full fiber potential
  • Consistent refining gap due to spline shaft technology, which allows a balanced energy transfer in all refining zones
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Reliable operation with proven machine design
  • Fast and easy plate changes due to cantilever design

TwinFlo-Strong refiner
Refining at highest specific energy levels

ANDRITZ has developed the innovative TwinFlo-Strong refiner for applications with highest specific energy demands, reducing the number and size of refiners needed to a minimum. Based on the proven ANDRITZ double-disc refiner technology, the optimized machine concept can withstand the exceptional mechanical loads resulting from the higher motor power installed.

The machine design allows low or high specific energy input levels – creating a real advantage when changing the pulp grades and production rates. Numerous different plate patterns are available to adjust the refining process according to individual customer requirements – always achieving excellent pulp properties.


Benefits of the TwinFlo-Strong refiner

  • Cost-efficiency: Minimum number/sizes of refiners needed
  • Flexibility in terms of different pulp grades and production conditions
  • Increased energy efficiency at lower operating costs
  • Reliable, low-maintenance machine based on the proven TwinFlo design
  • Fast and easy plate changes thanks to cantilever design

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