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New challenges demand deeper insights. SPECTRUM magazine brings together the trends, challenges and solutions that matter most to our customers, and to the pulp, paper and power industries at large.

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For more than 20 years we publish a magazine that gets to the very heart of industry issues, at the same time as highlighting real-life – and often incredible – examples of how our customers experience and overcome the challenges that are thrown at them. Enjoy discovering!

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Customer Success Stories

Find regular and up-to-date reference stories from ANDRITZ customers all over the world as they implement the very best in technology, and start-up the latest projects.

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Biomethanol– forming a circular bioeconomy at pulp mills

Over recent times pulp mills have become much more than simply “tonnes per year” in terms of revenue. First came the added extra of energy and district heating, then extracts of tall oil and turpentine, now all sorts of areas for extra revenue are being identified at pulp mills. As a clear example – and with the help of ANDRITZ – Swedish market pulp giant, Södra, recently started up the world’s first biomethanol plant at its Mönsterås mill in Sweden.

Taking control

ANDRITZ and Resolute FP Clermont Mill in Canada created a world first recently by completely revolutionizing refiner load control and stability on two of its eight refiners. ANDRITZ’s Hydraulic Commander was the secret ingredient, with added bespoke automation.

Good in a crisis – Volga’s TMP line starts up on time

Despite the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Volga Pulp and Paper Mill in Russia, along with ANDRITZ experts operating remotely, started up a new TMP line on schedule.

“Upgraded it. Switched it on. It all worked.” ANDRITZ SCREEN BOOSTER™

The testliner and fluting mill in Trebsen, Germany, used to send more than 1,000 tonnes a year of useable fibres to its rejects. Challenged by this obvious waste of resources, the mill asked ANDRITZ to help keep the valuable fibres in the production process. With ANDRITZ’s Dilution Water Upgrade in its tail-screening system, Trebsen is now using the fibres it once threw away, saving money instead of wasting it.


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Find out how digitalization is transforming efficiencies in the pulp, paper and power industries through the application of our Metris Digital Solutions.

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