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For more than 20 years we publish a magazine that gets to the very heart of industry issues, at the same time as highlighting real-life – and often incredible – examples of how our customers experience and overcome the challenges that are thrown at them. Enjoy discovering!

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Customer Success Stories

Find regular and up-to-date reference stories from ANDRITZ customers all over the world as they implement the very best in technology, and start-up the latest projects.

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GOING FULL CIRCLE Sulfuric Acid Production for Puma I and II

Brazilian pulp and paper giant Klabin is further closing the circular sustainability loop at its Puma I and Puma II projects in the south of the country. Soon it will be making its own sulfuric acid from captured non-condensable gases at its Ortigueira mill site. ANDRITZ expertise is paving the way.

Efficient processes and high-quality products are created through cooperation and commitment

ANDRITZ played a major part in Stora Enso’s Oulu mill success in reaching a new era as the mill was converted from fine paper to kraftliner production. The virgin fiberbased kraftliner produced by the mill will serve the strongly growing global packaging market.

Something OLD and something NEW - A major pulp capacity increase at Mondi Swiecie

Mondi Swiecie’s integrated mill in Poland needed to increase its pulp capacity by 25% to meet growing demand from its five five paper machines using virgin fiber. The solution was a complex but hugely successful combination of utilizing older equipment at the same time as installing new, state-of-the-art technology from ANDRITZ.

Suzano optimizes the evaporation process in partnership with ANDRITZ

Suzano’s pulp mill in São Paulo has generated significant savings in the plant’s evaporation process by using the Metris UX technology from ANDRITZ for the digital transformation of its processes.

PK Varel - Safe hands

Papier- und Kartonfabrik Varel, in northern Germany, had an urgent refiner problem. ANDRITZ not only solved it in time, but also helped prepare the mill for future expansion.

Biomethanol– forming a circular bioeconomy at pulp mills

Over recent times pulp mills have become much more than simply “tonnes per year” in terms of revenue. First came the added extra of energy and district heating, then extracts of tall oil and turpentine, now all sorts of areas for extra revenue are being identified at pulp mills. As a clear example – and with the help of ANDRITZ – Swedish market pulp giant, Södra, recently started up the world’s first biomethanol plant at its Mönsterås mill in Sweden.

Taking control

ANDRITZ and Resolute FP Clermont Mill in Canada created a world first recently by completely revolutionizing refiner load control and stability on two of its eight refiners. ANDRITZ’s Hydraulic Commander was the secret ingredient, with added bespoke automation.


ANDRITZ Insights

Streamlining Health & Safety Observations and Reporting

We at ANDRITZ are constantly looking at ways to improve performance and generate a proactive culture when it comes to Health and Safety issues, which is why we are rolling out world-renowned Quentic solutions and software tools for safety observation reporting at our projects and factories.

Circle To Zero – Towards Zero Emissions and Zero Waste at Pulp and Paper Mills

CircleToZero™ is a global ANDRITZ initiative with the goal of achieving zero emissions and zero waste at the same time as creating financial growth for customers. For pulp and paper producers, this means eliminating unused industry side streams, turning them into new value-added products and achieving zero emissions and zero waste production.

The perfect fit

As of the beginning of July, our Paper and Board team has a new Vice President – Gerald Steiner. He joined the ANDRITZ Group one year ago and was in charge of the development and implementation of automation and digitalization in paper mills worldwide.

Cyber Security: The safe journey towards autonomous manufacturing

Creating a joint-venture with OT cybersecurity specialist OTORIO, ANDRITZ decided to take a new direction and develop an innovative industrial-native cyber security platform.

Health & Safety: The Challenge of COVID-19

ANDRITZ continues to service its customers around the world despite the COVID-19 pandemic. However, strict precautions are insisted upon both in our own operations and at our customer sites to ensure the safety of our own personnel as well as of our customers and any people working on or around projects in which we are involved.

MCC - Another opportunity for value added products at pulp mills

ANDRITZ is once again providing opportunities for pulp producers to increase the range of added value bio-products in their product portfolios with its A-ConCrystal™ continuous technology for microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) production. There is still an increasing demand for the use of MCC in several fields of applications, strengthening the position of being one of the fastest growing areas in the use of specialty celluloses.

Technical and Process Excellence

Experience the very latest in state-of-the-art technology advancements from ANDRITZ - from news on the latest products to in-depth articles on improving process performance.

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Smart Woodyard - Autonomy as a side product

Utilizing deep process knowledge and with many years of successful deliveries to woodyards around the world, the ANDRITZ Smart Woodyard has combined all its experience with the latest in IIoT technology. The result is an ongoing revolution of the woodyard.

DEvap - Small change - big difference

ANDRITZ has created a simple but remarkably effective way to improve energy efficiency of the pulp mill, at the same time increasing the mill overall evaporation capacity. The DEvap is a small digester evaporator unit integrated into the cooking plant.

Reliable measurements from inside the digester

Reliable measurements from inside the digester. ANDRITZ has teamed up with Savcor, a Finnish technology provider specializing in the use of electrochemistry for corrosion prevention and structural health monitoring, and have together developed a novel method to measure alkali levels inside the digester.

PrimeFilter D disc filter - Upgraded performance and reliability

Major upgrades and a series of smaller innovations have been incorporated into the new ANDRITZ PrimeFilter D to improve performance and reduce maintenance. The new design includes the latest bagless technology, which is well-proven in over 65 installations to date. The upgraded PrimeFilter D has been well-received already – 15 units have been started up and more orders are being received from leading papermakers.

Two top new concepts for tissue production

In just two years, ANDRITZ has launched two completely new machine concepts for tissue producers to provide the very best in technology available for making specialty products with maximum efficiencies. The two concepts, the PrimeLineTEX and the PrimeLineVRT, are now available on the market and can be tested at the ANDRITZ tissue pilot plant in Graz.


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