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New challenges demand deeper insights. SPECTRUM magazine brings together the trends, challenges and solutions that matter most to our customers, and to the pulp, paper and power industries at large.

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We will bring together the trends, challenges and solutions that matter most to ANDRITZ customers, and to the pulp, paper and bioproduct industries at large.

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For more than 20 years we publish a magazine that gets to the very heart of industry issues, at the same time as highlighting real-life – and often incredible – examples of how our customers experience and overcome the challenges that are thrown at them. Enjoy discovering!

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Customer Success Stories

Find regular and up-to-date reference stories from ANDRITZ customers all over the world as they implement the very best in technology, and start-up the latest projects.

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ANDRITZ Insights

Minimum downtime and maximum efficiency

PrimeService for air and energy systems for paper machines

03_ANDRITZ_PrimePress XT Evo cantilevered
Tissue production – make it safe!

Avoiding accidents and unplanned downtime through the highest safety standards is one of the foundations of today’s high-speed tissue production. The industry’s safety measures and concepts already went hand in hand with the constant increase of machine performance and capacities.

Digital evolution across the recovery island

We are in the middle of a massive digital transformation in all areas of our lives – at home, at work, even in our cars – as digitalization fully enters our lives. The pulp industry has by no means been ignored, and now there are already promising results being seen at pulp mills as the latest in Metris Digital Solutions from ANDRITZ bring major advantages to process islands.

Landscape Savonlinna
Savonlinna refiner test bench

A powerful service for all refiners
ANDRITZ Lamella Evaporators

ANDRITZ lamella evaporation plants have proven to be so successful among pulp producing customers that major expansion in manufacturing has occurred three times over the last decade to keep up with the increased orders. The latest addition to lamella manufacturing will see a brand-new state-of-the art facility starting-up in China in the summer of 2022.

Albrecht Miletzky joins ANDRITZ

ANDRITZ has appointed Albrecht Miletzky, a paper engineer and production manager with many years of experience at one of the leading European paper and board producers, for containerboard among other things, as Head of Technology for Paper and Board.

Foresee digitally

Find out how digitalization is transforming efficiencies in the pulp, paper and power industries through the application of our Metris Digital Solutions.

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